Rifting mechanism of cratonic lithosphere – an integrated geophysical and geological study of the Dnieper-Donets Basin

Principle Investigator:Prof. dr hab. Stanisław Mazur

tel.: +48 668 581 910; e-mail: ndmazur@cyf-kr.edu.pl; stanislaw.mazur@yahoo.co.uk


Project summary on the NCN website:https://www.ncn.gov.pl/sites/default/files/listy-rankingowe/2021-09-15okipi34a/streszczenia/539852-en.pdf

For more extensive summary see: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1anwfWQM8-tMc3-0TxGNwcB35yKPXEqF8/view?usp=sharing


Funding source: National Science Centre Poland, OPUS-22

Project ID: 2021/43/B/ST10/01392

Scientific supervisors: prof. dr hab. Stanisław Mazur, dr hab. Sergiy M. Stovba, prof. Randell Stephenson

Start of recruitment: 12.01.2023

Application deadline: 03.02.2023

Start of the scholarship: 01.03.2023

Duration of the employment in the NCN project: 48 months

Remuneration: 5000 PLN gross gross/month

Location: Institute of Geological Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences, Kraków, Poland


We offer:

  • Work in the leading geological research institute in Poland;
  • Remuneration paid as a scholarship for the duration of the project (5000 PLN gross gross/month for 48 months);
  • Participation in international Earth science conferences;
  • Research stays at foreign universities and possible collaboration with the industry;
  • Co – financing of the intensive course of Polish language for foreigners;
  • Possibility to apply for additional internal and external funding to extend the time or amount of the scholarship.


Requirements / Expectations:

  • MSc degree in Earth sciences (geology or geophysics);
  • Determination to pursue scientific career in the future;
  • High degree of motivation, communicativeness and creativity, the ability to work both independently and in a team;
  • Background in structural geology, tectonics, basin analysis, and seismic interpretation;
  • At least basic knowledge in programming (Python, MATLAB, C++);
  • Knowledge of ArcGIS environment or similar GIS software;
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English;
  • Willingness to learn basics of Polish language;
  • Knowledge of regional geology of the study area and/or Ukrainian language will be a plus.


Duties / Responsibilities:

  • Building of a 3-D structural model constrained by seismic profiles and boreholes;
  • Basin subsidence modelling in 1-D and 2-D;
  • Processing of gravity and magnetic data, 2-D and 3-D forward and inverse modelling of potential filed anomalies;
  • Oral presentations (or posters) in international conferences;
  • Preparation of the scientific articles and periodic reports;
  • Participation in doctoral studies organized by Doctoral School Geoplanet (geoplanetschool.pl).


Form of submitting documents:

Applications should be submitted by 03.02.2023 to the principle investigator of the project, prof. Stanisław Mazur via e-mail: ndmazur@cyf-kr.edu.pl or stanislaw.mazur@yahoo.co.uk and to the Scientific Information Office of the Institute via e-mail: rekrutacja_ingpan@twarda.pan.pl. In the title of the message, please, indicate "DDB 2".

For more information, please, contact prof. Stanisław Mazur via e-mail: ndmazur@cyf-kr.edu.pl or stanislaw.mazur@yahoo.co.uk