Comparative study of petrography, mineralogy and stable isotope geochemistry of ancient and modern hydrate-associated authigenic carbonates

Funding source: National Science Centre (NCN), OPUS 19 Programme

NCN project title: Identification of clathrites in the geological record (ID: 2019/35/B/ST10/01332)

Principal investigator: Dr. hab. Maciej Bojanowski

Scientific supervisor: Dr. hab. Maciej Bojanowski

Project summary on the NCN website:

Application deadline: 1.02.2021

Announcement of recruitment results: 15.02.2021

Start of the employment: 15.03.2021

Duration of the employment: 36 months

Remuneration: 3 000 PLN/month during the first 24 months, 4500 PLN/month during the next 12 months

Location: Institute of Geological Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland


We offer:

  • Scientific work in one of the top Earth science research centers in Poland;
    • Remuneration paid as a scholarship for the duration of the project, the amount is gross-gross 3000 PLN (currently ca. net 2300 PLN) per month for the first 24 months and gross-gross 4500 PLN for the next 12 months (36 months total);
    • Participation in an interdisciplinary, innovative and international research project;
    • Field work in the Carpathians, Piedmont and Apennines under the guidance of experienced researchers;
    • Several research visits to collaborating institutions and laboratories in Europe and USA;
    • Participation in at least three international sedimentological and geochemical conferences;
    • A new laptop computer and fieldwork personal equipment;
    • Extensive course of Polish language for foreigners;
    • Possibility to obtain a doctoral degree under the supervision of Dr. hab. Maciej Bojanowski;
    • Possibility to apply for additional internal and external funding to extend the time of employment and the amount of remuneration.


Requirements / Expectations:

  • MSc degree in Earth sciences or a similar discipline (on the day of the interview at the latest);
  • Enthusiasm for field work and Earth sciences;
  • Determination and high commitment to pursue scientific career in the future;
  • Good organizational skills and multiple task handling;
  • Strong analytical and independent thinking skills;
  • Ability to work both independently and in a team;
  • Background in sedimentary petrology or geochemistry;
  • Experience in geological field work and in laboratory works applied to sedimentary rocks using: optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, electron microprobe or similar facilities;
  • Preferably experience in evaluation of mineralogical (XRD in particular), petrographic and geochemical (stable isotope in particular) data;
  • Experience in scientific writing will be an additional advantage;
  • Proficiency in both spoken and written English in order to allow for scientific discussions in an international team, reading scientific literature, presenting results at international conferences;
  • Professionalism in approach to duties: reliability, persistence, open-mindedness, diligence.


Duties / Responsibilities:

  • Participation in the doctoral school organized at the IGS PAS (;
  • Realization of the NCN project tasks, which includes most of all field (in Poland and Italy) and laboratory works (e.g., sample handling and preparation for analytical methods, optical and electron microscopy);
  • The workplace will be the Institute of Geological Sciences PAS, Research Center in Warsaw, Poland, but the project also includes multiple trips abroad related to research and participation in conferences;
  • Integration and interpretation of petrographic and geochemical data;
  • Preparation and submission of scientific manuscripts and periodic reports;
  • Presenting the results at international conferences (oral and posters);



Form of submitting documents:

Applications should be submitted by 1st of February 2021 to the principal investigator of the project, Dr hab. Maciej Bojanowski via e-mail: and to the Scientific Information Office of the Institute via e-mail:

In the title of the message please indicate "Clathrites"