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Barbacka M., Górecki A., Ziaja J., Jarzynka A., Pacyna G.

Macrofloral and microfloral changes in the Middle Jurassic plant assemblages of the Cianowice 2 borehole (southern Poland)

Jarzynka A.,

Comptes Rendus Palevol

COMPTES RENDUS PALEVOL 20 (34), p. 701-739, Published: 23 August 2021


Lunt D.J., Bragg F., Chan W.L., Hutchinson D.K., Ladant J.B., Morozova P., Niezgodzki I., Steinig S., Zhang Z., Zhu J., Abe-Ouchi A., ... Otto-Bliesner B.L.,

DeepMIP: Model intercomparison of early Eocene climatic optimum (EECO) large-scale climate features and comparison with proxy data

 Niezgodzki, I.

Climate of the Past

Climate of the Past, 17(1), 2021, p. 203-227


Pszonka, J., Schulz, B., Sala, D.

Application of mineral liberation analysis (MLA) for investigations of grain size distribution in submarine density flow deposits

Sala, D.

Marine and Petroleum Geology

Volume 129, July 2021, 105109


Radmacher W., Vásquez O.J., Tzalam M., Jolomná M., Molineros A., Eldrett J.S.

What happened to the organic matter from the Upper Cretaceous succession in Guatemala, Central America?

Radmacher, W.

Marine and Petroleum Geology

Volume 133, 105246, November 2021


Tyszka J., Godos K., Goleń J., Radmacher W.

Foraminiferal organic linings: Functional and phylogenetic challenges.

Tyszka J., Godos K., Goleń J., Radmacher W.

Earth-Science Reviews

volume 220, 103726, September 2021


Andreou F.T, Barylska B., Ciesielska Z., Szczerba M., Derkowski A., Gionis V., Siranidi E. and, Chryssikos G.D.

Intercalation of N-methylformamide in kaolinite: In situ monitoring by near-infrared spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction.

Ciesielska Z., Szczerba M., Derkowski A.,

Applied Clay Science

volume 212, October 2021, 106209


Avramovska, M., Chmelik, C., Derkowski, A., Fantalkin, A., Freude, D., Haase, J., Hare, V., Kärger, J., Kuligiewicz, A., & Moinester, M.

Searching for the fundamentals of rehydroxylation dating of archaeological ceramics via NMR and IR microscopy

Derkowski, A., Kuligiewicz, A.

Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Volume 104, issue 10, published: 24 February 2021, p. 5328-5340


Bojanowski, M.J., Marciniak-Maliszewska, B., Środoń, J., Liivamägi, S.

Extensive non-marine depositional setting evidenced by carbonate minerals in the Ediacaran clastic series of the western East European Craton

Bojanowski, M.J., Środoń, J.

Precambrian Research

Volume 365, October 2021, 106379


Bristow T.F., Derkowski A., Blake D.F., Berlanga G., and De Deckker P.

A comparative study of clay mineral authigenesis in terrestrial and martian lakes; an Australian example

Derkowski A.

American Journal of Science

Vol. 321, Issue 7
1 Sep 2021, p. 1080-1110


Derkowski A., Środoń J., Goryl M., Marynowski M., Szczerba M., Mazur S.

Long-distance fluids migration defines diagenetic history of unique Ediacaran sediments in the East European Craton

Derkowski A., Środoń J., Goryl M., Szczerba M., Mazur S.

Basin Research

Volume 33. issue 1, February 2021, p. 570-593


Fijałkowska-Mader, A., Jewuła, K., Bodor, E.

Record of the Carnian Pluvial Episode in the Polish microflora

 Jewuła, K.,


Volume 30, 2021, p. 106-125


Jewuła, K., Trela, W., Fijałkowska-Mader, A.

Sedimentary and pedogenic record of seasonal humidity during the Permian-Triassic transition on the SE margin of Central European Basin (Holy Cross Mountains, Poland)

 Jewuła, K.,

Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology

Volume 564, 15 Fev 2021, 110154


Kałahurska K., Ziemiański P. P., Roth W. J., Gil B.

From Colloidal Dispersions of Zeolite Monolayers to Effective Solid Catalysts in Transformations of Bulky Organic Molecules: Role of Freeze-Drying and Dialysis

Ziemiański P. P.


volume 26, April 2021, 2076


Kowalik, M., Szczerba, M., Barylska, B. and Skiba, M.

Structure of glycerol-Mg2+-smectites/vermiculites complex based on molecular dynamics and implementation of the model for X-ray diffraction modeling

Kowalik, M., Szczerba, M.,

Applied Clay Science

volume 206, June 2021, 106066


Kuligiewicz, A., & Derkowski, A.

Rehydroxylation of fired clays: Is the time to the quarter (TTTQ) model correct?

 Kuligiewicz, A., & Derkowski, A.

Journal of Archaeological Science

volume 125, January 2021, 105301


Kuligiewicz, A., Środoń, J., Liivamägi, S.

Oxygen isotopic compositions of end-members in a multicomponent mixture: Ediacaran weathering material from the East European Craton

Kuligiewicz, A., Środoń, J.

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta

volume 306, August 2021, p. 245-262


Marynowski L., Bucha M., Lempart-Drozd M., Stępień M., Kondratowicz M., Smolarek-Lach J., Rybicki M., Goryl M., Brocks J. and Simoneit R.R.T

Preservation of hemicellulose remnants in sedimentary organic matter

Lempart-Drozd M., Goryl M.,

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta

Volume 310, October 2021, p. 32-46


Rybka, K., Matusik, J., Kuligiewicz, A., Leiviskä, T., & Cempura, G.

Surface chemistry and structure evaluation of Mg/Al and Mg/Fe LDH derived from magnesite and dolomite in comparison to LDH obtained from chemicals

Kuligiewicz, A.

Applied Surface Science

Volume 538, Feb 2021 147923


Sikora, R., Wójcik, A., Szczerba, M., Bazarnik, J., & Madej, S.

Zastosowanie metody K-Ar do oznaczenia wieku deformacji skał metaosadowych formacji Yargait terranu Zavkhan (Khasagt, Mongolia): wstępne wyniki badań

Szczerba, M.

Przegląd Geologiczny

vol. 69, nr 7, 2021


Simoneit, B. R. T., Rybicki, M., Goryl, M., Bucha, M., Otto, A., Marynowski, L.

Monoterpenylabietenoids, novel biomarkers from extant and fossil Taxodioideae and rocks

Goryl, M.

Organic Geochemistry

Volume 154, April 2021, 104172


Słomski P., Szczepański J., Topór T, Mastalerz M., Pluymakers A., Derkowski A. and Wojciechowski T.

Factors controlling pore network development of thermally mature Early Palaeozoic mudstones from the Baltic Basin (N Poland)

Derkowski A.

Marine and Petroleum Geology

Volume 134, December 2021, 105328


Smolarek-Lach, J., Goryl, M., Marynowski, L.

Sugars in environmental samples and sedimentary rocks – effectiveness in derivatization for GC-MS analysis

Goryl, M.

Geological Quarterly

Volume 65 (3) 2021


Ziemiański, P. P., Derkowski, A., Szczerba, M., Guggenheim S.

Smectite Crystallite Swelling Under High Pressure of Methane

Ziemiański, P. P., Derkowski, A., Szczerba, M.

Journal of Physical Chemistry C

Published online2 April 2021
Published in issue 15 April 2021, Volume 125, str. 7598–7610


Barnes, C.J., Jeanneret, P., Ziemniak, G., Kooijman, E., Kośmińska, K., Kielman-Schmitt, M., Schneider D.A.,

Using Th-U-Pb geochronology to extract crystallization ages of Paleozoic metamorphic monazite contaminated by initial Pb

Barnes, C.J.

Chemical Geology

Volume 582, 5 November 2021, 120450


Barnes, C.J., Majka, J., Bukała, M., Naas, E., Rousku, S.,

Detrital zircon U-Pb geochronology of a metasomatic calc-silicate in the Tsäkkok Lens, Scandinavian Caledonides

Barnes, C.J., Bukała, M.,

Geology, Geophysics & Environment

2021-04-23 volume 47


Bojanowski, M.J., Oszczypko-Clowes, M., Barski, M., Oszczypko, N., Radzikowska, M., Ciesielska, Z.,

Slope destabilization provoked by dissociation of gas hydrates in the Outer Carpathian basin during the Oligocene: Sedimentological, petrographic, isotopic and biostratigraphic record

Bojanowski, M.J., Radzikowska, M., Ciesielska, Z.,

Marine and Petroleum Geology

Volume 123, January 2021, 104585


Botor, D., Mazur, S., Anczkiewicz, A.A., Dunkl, I., Golonka, J.

Thermal history of the East European Platform margin in Poland based on apatite and zircon low-temperature thermochronology

Mazur, S., Anczkiewicz, A.A.,

Solid Earth

Volume 12, 1899–1930, 2021


Dubicka, Z., Bojanowski, M.J., Peryt, D., Barski, M.

Biotic and isotopic vestiges of oligotrophy on continental shelves during Oceanic Anoxic Event 2

Bojanowski, M.J.

Global Biogeochemical Cycles

First published: 11 July 2021


Dudzisz, K. Lewandowski, M., Werner, T., Karasiński, G., Kędzior, A., Paszkowski, M., Środoń, J., Bojanowski, M.J.,

Paleolatitude estimation and premises for geomagnetic field instability from the Proterozoic drilling core material of the south-western part of the East European Craton

Kędzior, A., Paszkowski, M., Środoń, J., Bojanowski, M.J.,

Precambrian Research

Volume 357, 1 June 2021, 106135


Kędzior, A., Widera, M., Zieliński, T.

Ancient and modern anastomosing rivers: insights from sedimentological and geomorphological case studies of the Triassic, Neogene and Holocene of Poland

Kędzior, A.,

Geological Quarterly

 Vol 65, No 4 (2021)


Liivamägi, S., Środoń, J., Bojanowski, M.J., Stanek, J.J., Roberts, N.M.W.

Precambrian paleosols on the Great Unconformity of the East European Craton: An 800 million year record of Baltica’s climatic conditions

Środoń, J., Bojanowski, M.J.

Precambrian Research

Volume 363, 1 September 2021, 106327


Maitra, A., Anczkiewicz, A.A., Anczkiewicz, R., Dunkl, I., Mukhopadhyay, D.K.

Thrusting sequence in the Western Himalayan foreland basin during the late phase of continental collision defined by low-temperature thermochronology

Maitra, A., Anczkiewicz, A.A., Anczkiewicz, R.,


Volume 821, 20 December 2021, 229145


Mazur, S., Malinowski, M., Maystrenko, Y.P., Gągała, Ł.

Pre-existing lithospheric weak zone and its impact on continental rifting–The Mid-Polish Trough, Central European Basin System

Mazur, S.

Global and Planetary Change

Volume 198, March 2021, 103417


Mężyk, M., Malinowski, M., Mazur, S.

Structure of a diffuse suture between Fennoscandia and Sarmatia in SE Poland based on interpretation of regional reflection seismic profiles supported by unsupervised clustering

Mazur, S.

Precambrian Research

Volume 358, 15 June 2021, 106176


Mikolajczak, M., Barmuta, J., Ponikowska, M., Mazur, S., Starzec, K.

Depth-to-basement study for the western Polish Outer Carpathians from three-dimensional joint inversion of gravity and magnetic data

Mikolajczak, M., Ponikowska, M., Mazur, S.

Journal of Geosciences

Volume 66, 2021, online: 7 April 2021


Tabaud, A. S., Štípská, P., Mazur, S., Schulmann, K., Míková, J., Wong, J., Sun, M.

Evolution of a Cambro-Ordovician active margin in northern Gondwana: Geochemical and zircon geochronological evidence from the Góry Sowie metasedimentary rocks, Poland

Mazur, S.

Gondwana Research

Volume 90, February 2021, Pages 1-26


Wolff, R., Hetzel, R., Dunkl, I., Anczkiewicz, A.A.

New constraints on the exhumation history of the western Tauern Window (European Alps) from thermochronology, thermokinematic modeling, and topographic analysis

Anczkiewicz, A.A.

International Journal of Earth Sciences

Volume 110, 7 August 2021, pages 2955–2977


Jastrzębski, M., Żelaźniewicz, A., Sláma, J., Machowiak, K., Śliwiński, M., Jaźwa, A., Kocjan, I.

Provenance of Precambrian basement of the Brunovistulian Terrane: New data from its Silesian part (Czech Republic, Poland), central Europe, and implications for Gondwana break-up

Jastrzębski, M., Jaźwa, A., Kocjan, I.

Precambrian Research  

Volume 355, April 2021, 106108


Sałacinska, A., Gerdjikov, I., Gumsley, A., Szopa, K., Chew, D., Gawęda, A., Kocjan, I.

Two stages of Late Carboniferous to Triassic magmatism in the Strandja Zone of Bulgaria and Turkey

Sałacinska, A., Kocjan, I.

Geological Magazine

Volume 158, issue 12, online 21 July 2021


Skrzypkowski, K.,Zagórski, K., Zagórska, A.

Determination of the Extent of the Rock Destruction Zones around a Gasification Channel on the Basis of Strength Tests of Sandstone and Claystone Samples Heated at High Temperatures up to 1200°C and Exposed to Water

Zagórska, A.


Volume 14, issue 20, 6464, 9 October 2021


Słaby, E., Anczkiewicz, R., Gros, K., Simon, K., Kozub-Budzyń, G. A., Birski, Ł., Martin, H., Jayananda, M., Moyen, J.-F., Matyszczak, M., Koziarska, M., Deput, E.

High-temperature fluids in granites during the Neoarchaean-Palaeoproterozoic transition: Insight from Closepet titanite chemistry and U-Pb dating (Dharwar craton, India)

Słaby, E., Anczkiewicz, R., Matyszczak, M., Koziarska, M., Deput, E.


Volumes 386–387, April 2021, 106039


Tamblyn, R., Brown, D., Hand, M., Morrissey, L., Clark, C., Anczkiewicz, R.

The 2 Ga eclogites of Central Tanzania: Directly linking age and metamorphism

Anczkiewicz, R.


Volumes 380–381, January 2021, 105890


Vozarova, A., Nemec, O., Sarinova, K., Anczkiewicz, R., and Vozar, J.

Carboniferous mafic metavolcanic rocks in the Northern Gemeric Unit: Petrogenesis, geochemistry, isotope composition and tectonic implication

Anczkiewicz, R.

Geologica Carpathica 

Volume 72, issue 2, April 2021, p. 114-133


Athanasiou M., Triantaphyllou M.V., Dimiza M.D., Gogou A., Panagiotopoulos I., Arabas A., Skampa E., Kouli K., Hatzaki M., Tsiolakis E.

Reconstruction of oceanographic and environmental conditions in the eastern Mediterranean (Kottafi Hill section, Cyprus Island) during the middle Miocene Climate Transition

Arabas A.

Revue de micropaléontologie

Volume 70, April 2021, 100480


Berto C., Krajcarz, M.T., Moskal-del Hoyo M., Komar M., Sinet-Mathiot V., Zarzecka-Szubińska K., Krajcarz M., Szymanek M., Wertz K., Marciszak A., Mętrak M., Suska-Malawska M., Wilcke A., Kot M.

Environment changes during Middle to Upper Palaeolithic transition in southern Poland (Central Europe). A multiproxy approach for the MIS 3 sequence of Koziarnia Cave (Kraków-Częstochowa Upland)

 Krajcarz, M.T.

Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports

Volume 35, February 2021, 102723


Kot M., Krajcarz M.T., Moskal-del Hoyo M., Gryczewska N., Wojenka M., Pyżewicz K., Sinet-Mathiot V., Diakowski M., Fedorowicz S., Gąsiorowski M., Marciszak A., Lipecki G., Mackiewicz P.

Chronostratigraphy of Jerzmanowician. New data from Koziarnia Cave, Poland

Krajcarz M.T., Gąsiorowski M.

Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports

Volume 38, August 2021, 103014


Osipova E., Danukalova G., Brancaleoni G., Krajcarz M.T., Abdykanova A., Shnaider S.

Palaeoenvironmental conditions of the Palaeolithic–Neolithic transition in the Fergana Valley (Central Asia) – new data inferred from fossil mollusсs in Obishir-V rockshelter (Kyrgyzstan)

 Brancaleoni G., Krajcarz M.T.

Quaternary International

Volumes 605–606, 20 December 2021, Pages 287-299


Pavlenok K., Kot M., Pavlenok G., Krajcarz M.T., Khudjanazarov M., Leloch M., Szymczak K.

Middle Paleolithic technological diversity during MIS 3 in the Western Tian Shan piedmonts: Example of the Katta Sai 1 open-air loess site

Krajcarz M.T.

Archaeological Research in Asia

Volume 25, March 2021, 100262


Porowski, A., Romanova, A., Gebus-Czupyt, B., Wach, B.(†), Radzikowska, M.

Stable hydrogen and oxygen isotope composition of bottled waters in Poland: characterization in the context of different market categories and implications for the origin authentication and natural isotopic quality preservation

Porowski, A., Gebus-Czupyt, B., Radzikowska, M.

Journal of Geochemical Exploration 

Volume 220, January 2021, 106684


Romanova A., Porowski A., Zielski T., Dancewicz A.

Origin and evolution of chemical composition of mineral waters of Szczawno-Zdrój inferred from long-term variation of ionic ratios, Sudetes Mts. (SW Poland)

Porowski A.

Environmental Earth Sciences

Volume 80, article 374, 8 May 2021


Stefaniak K., Lipecki G., Nadachowski A., Semba A., Ratajczak U., Kotowski A., Robličková M., Wojtal P., Shpansky A.V., Malikov D.G.; Krakhmalnaya T.V., Kovalchuk O.M., Boeskorov G.G., Nikolskiy P.A., Baryshnikov G.F., Ridush B., Jakubowski G., Pawłowska K., Cyrek K., Sudoł-Procyk M., Czyżewski Ł., Krajcarz M., Krajcarz M.T., Żeromska A., Gagat P., Mackiewicz P.

Diversity of muskox Ovibos moschatus (Zimmerman, 1780) (Bovidae, Mammalia) in time and space based on cranial morphometry

Krajcarz M.T.

Historical Biology

Pages 62-77, online: 04 Oct 2019


Stefaniak K., Stachowicz-Rybka R., Borówka R.K., Hrynowiecka A., Sobczyk A., Moskal-del Hoyo M., Kotowski A., Nowakowski D., Krajcarz M.T., Billia E.M.E., Persico D., Burkanova E.M., Leschinskiy S.V., van Asperen E., Ratajczak U., Shpansky A.V., Lempart M., Wach B.(†), Niska M., van der Made J., Stachowicz K., Lenarczyk J., Piątek J., Kovalchuk O.

Browsers, grazers or mix-feeders? Study of the diet of extinct Pleistocene Eurasian forest rhinoceros Stephanorhinus kirchbergensis (Jäger, 1839) and woolly rhinoceros Coelodonta antiquitatis (Blumenbach, 1799)

Krajcarz M.T., Lempart M.

Quaternary International

Volumes 605–606, 20 December 2021, Pages 192-212


Sudoł-Procyk M., Brandl M., Krajcarz M.T., Malak M., Skrzatek M., Stefański D., Trela-Kieferling E., Werra D.H.

Chocolate flint: new perspectives on its deposits, mining, use and distribution by prehistoric communities in Central Europe

Krajcarz M.T.


 11 August 2021


Taylor W.T.T., Pruvost M., Posth C., Rendu W., Krajcarz M.T., Abdykanova A., Brancaleoni G., Spengler R., Hermes T., Schiavinato S., Hodgins G., Stahl R., Min J., Alisher kyzy S., Fedorowicz S., Orlando L., Douka K., Krivoshapkin A., Jeong C., Warinner C., Shnaider S.

Evidence for early dispersal of domestic sheep into Central Asia

Krajcarz M.T., Brancaleoni G.

Nature Human Behaviour

Volume 5, p. 1169–1179 (8 April 2021)


Vernot B., Zavala E.i., Gómez-Olivencia A., Jacobs Z., Slon V., Mafessoni F., Romagné F., Pearson A., Petr M., Sala N., Pablos A., Aranburu A., Bermúdez de Castro J.M., Carbonell E., Li B., Krajcarz M.T., Krivoshapkin A.I., Kolobova K.A., Kozlikin M.B., Shunkov M.V., Derevianko A.P., Viola B., Grote S., Essel E., López Herráez D., Nagel S., Nickel B., Richter J., Schmidt A., Peter B., Kelso J., Roberts R.G., Arsuaga J.-L., Meyer M.

Unearthing Neanderthal population history using nuclear and mitochondrial DNA from cave sediments

Krajcarz M.T.


15 Apr 2021 • Vol 372, Issue 6542


Bella P., Gradziński M., Hercman H., Leszczyński S., Nemec W.

Sedimentary anatomy and hydrological record of relic fluvial deposits in a karst cave conduit

Hercman H.


Volume 68, Issue 1, January 2021, p. 425-448


Błaszczyk, M., Hercman, H., Pawlak, J., Szczygieł, J.

Paleoclimatic reconstruction in the Tatra Mountains of the western Carpathians during MIS 9–7 inferred from a multiproxy speleothem record

Błaszczyk, M., Hercman, H., Pawlak, J.

Quaternary Research 

Volume 99, January 2021 , pp. 290 - 304


Bonk A., Müller D., Ramisch A., Kramkowski M.A., Noryśkiewicz A.M., Sekudewicz I., Gąsiorowski M., Luberda-Durnaś K., Słowiński M., Schwab M., Tjallingii R., Brauer A., Błaszkiewicz M.

Varve microfacies and chronology from a new sediment record of Lake Gościąż (Poland)

Sekudewicz I., Gąsiorowski M.

Quaternary Science Reviews

Volume 251, 1 January 2021, 106715


Gąsiorowski M., Sienkiewicz E., Ciołko U., Kaucha K., Kupryjanowicz M., Szal M.

Cultural eutrophication of a Central European lowland lake from the Bronze Age to the present recorded in diatom and Cladocera remains

Gąsiorowski M., Sienkiewicz E., Ciołko U., Kaucha K.


Volume 204, September 2021, 105404


Gąsiorowski M., Stienss J., Sienkiewicz E., Sekudewicz I.

Geochemical variability of surface sediment in post-mining lakes located in the Muskau Arch (Poland) and its relation to water chemistry

Gąsiorowski M., Stienss J., Sienkiewicz E., Sekudewicz I.

Water, Air and Soil Pollution

232, Article number: 108 (March 2021)


Paine A.R., Baldini J.U.L., Wadsworth F.B., Lechleitner F.A., Jamieson R.A., Baldini L.M., Brown R.J., Müller W., Hercman H., Gąsiorowski M., Stefaniak K., Socha P., Sobczyk A., Kasprzak M.

The trace-element composition of a Polish stalagmite: Implications for the use of speleothems as a record of explosive volcanism

Hercman H., Gąsiorowski M.

Chemical Geology

Volume 570, 5 June 2021, 120157


Pawlak, J., Błaszczyk, M., Hercman, H., Matouskova, S.

Palaeoenvironmental conditions during MIS 6/MIS 5 transition recorded in speleothems from the Tatra Mountains

Pawlak, J., Błaszczyk, M., Hercman, H.


Volume50, Issue 1, January 2021, p. 224-241


Pawlak, J.

The speleothem oxygen record – a proxy for thermal or moisture changes? A case study of multiproxy records from MIS 5/MIS 6 speleothems from the Demänová Cave System

 Pawlak, J.

Climate of the Past

Volume 17, p. 1051–1064, 2021


Sekudewicz, I., Dąbrowska, A.M., Syczewski, M.D.

Microplastic pollution in surface water and sediments in the urban section of the Vistula River (Poland)

Sekudewicz, I.

Science of the Total Environment

Volume 762, 25 March 2021, 143111


Sienkiewicz E., Gąsiorowski M., Hamerlík L., Bitušík P., Stańczak J.

A new diatom training set for the reconstruction of past water pH in the Tatra Mountain lakes

Sienkiewicz E., Gąsiorowski M., Stańczak J.

Journal of Paleolimnology

Volume 65, p. 445–459


Sierpień P., Pawlak J., Hercman H., Pruner P., Zupan-Hajna N., Mihevc A., Bosák P.

Flowstones from the Račiška pečina Cave (SW Slovenia) record 3.2-Ma-long history

Sierpień P., Pawlak J., Hercman H.


Online: 14 Apr 2021, p. 31 - 45


Swęd, M., Potysz, A., Duczmal-Czernikiewicz, A., Siepak, M., Bartz, W.

Bioweathering of Zn–Pb-bearing rocks: Experimental exposure to water, microorganisms, and root exudates

 Swęd, M.

Applied Geochemistry

Volume 130, July 2021, 104966


Szczygieł J., Gradziński M, Bella P., Hercman H., Littva J., Mendecki M.J., Sala P., Wróblewski W.

Quaternary faulting in the Western Carpathians: Insights into paleoseismology from cave deformations and damaged speleothems (Demanova Cave System, Low Tatra Mts)

Hercman, H.


Volume 820, 5 December 2021, 229111


Szczygieł J., Sobczyk A., Hercman H., Mendecki M.J., Gąsiorowski M.

Damaged Speleothems and Collapsed Karst Chambers Indicate Paleoseismicity of the NE Bohemian Massif (Niedźwiedzia Cave, Poland)

Hercman H., Gąsiorowski M.


10 February 2021


Zupan Hajna N., Mihevc A., Bosák P., Pruner P., Hercman H., Horáček I., Wagner J., Čermák S., Pawlak J., Sierpień P., Kdýr Š., Juřičková L., Švara A.

Pliocene to Holocene chronostratigraphy and paleoenvironmental records from cave sediments: Račiška pečina section (SW Slovenia)

Hercman H.,Pawlak J., Sierpień P.

Quaternary International

Volumes 605–606, 20 December 2021, Pages 5-24


Cheng L:, Xue B., Zawisza E., Liu J., Yao S., Li S.,

Specific species response of Cladocera to the trophic and hydrological environments of lakes: A case study of a typical shallow mesotrophic lake

Zawisza E.


Volume 207, December 2021, 105630


Łuców D., Lamentowicz M., Kołaczek P., Łokas E., Marcisz  K., Obremska M.,  Theuerkauf M., Tyszkowski S., Słowiński M.

Pine forest management and disturbance in Northern Poland: combining high-resolution 100-year-old paleoecological and remote sensing data

Obremska M.

Frontiers Ecology And Evolution

15 December 2021


Mroczkowska A., Kittel P., Marcisz K., Dolbunova E., Gauthier E., Lamentowicz M., Mazurkevich, A., Obremska M., Płóciennik M. , Kramkowski M., Łuców D. , Kublitskiy Y., Słowiński M.

Small peatland with a big story—600-year paleoecological and historical data from a kettle-hole peatland in Western Russia

Obremska M.

The Holocene

Vol 31, Issue 11-12, 2021, pp. 1761–1776


Olivares-Casillas G., Alex Correa-Metrio A., Zawisza E., Wojewódka-Przybył M., Blaauw M., Romero F.

Environmental variability during the last three millennia in the rain shadows of central Mexico

Zawisza E., Wojewódka-Przybył M.,

Boletín de la Sociedad Geológica Mexicana

 Volume 73 (1) / A171220 / 2021 /


Roman M., Mirosław-Grabowska J., Niska M.

The Eemian lakeland of the central Polish Plain: environmental changes and palaeogeography

Mirosław-Grabowska J.

Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology

Volume 561, 1 January 2021, 110087


Słowiński, M., Brauer, A., Guzowski, P. Związek T., Obremska M., Theuerkauf M., Dietze E., Schwab M., Tjallingii R., Czaja R., Ott F., Błaszkiewicz M.

The role of Medieval road operation on cultural landscape transformation

Obremska M.

Scientific Reports 

Volume 11, Article number: 20876 (2021)


Solovey T., Wojewódka-Przybył M., Janica R.

Hydrochemical indicators of water source and contamination in fen peatlands of varying hydrogeomorphic settings in northern and central Poland

Wojewódka-Przybył M.

Ecological Indicators

Volume 129, October 2021, 107944


Stefaniak, K., Kovalchuk, O., Kotusz, J., Stachowicz-Rybka, R., Mirosław-Grabowska, J., Winter, H., Niska, M., Sobczyk, A., Barkaszi, Z., Kotowski, A., Malkiewicz, M., Alexandrowicz, W. P., Raczyński, P., Badura, J., Przybylski, B., Ciszek, D., Urbański, K.

Pleistocene freshwater environments of Poland: a comprehensive study of fish assemblages based on multi-proxy approach

Mirosław-Grabowska, J.


Volume 50, Issue 2, April 2021, p. 457-476


Welc F., Nitychoruk J., Marks L., Bińka, Rogóż-Matyszczak, Obremska M.,  Zalat A.

2400 years of climate and human-induced environmental change recorded in sediments of Lake Młynek in northern Poland

Obremska M.

Climate of The Past

Volume 17, p. 1181–1198, 2021


Płóciennik M., Jakiel A., Forysiak J., Płaza D.K., Kittel P., Okupny D., Pawłowski D., Obremska, M., Brooks S.J., Kotrys B., Luoto T.P.

Multi-proxy inferred hydroclimatic conditions at Bęczkowice fen (Central Poland); the influence of fluvial processes and human activity in the Stone Age

Obremska, M.

Acta Geographica Lodziensia

tom 111 (2021), opublikowane 23.12.2021


Budzyń, B., Sláma, J., Corfu, F., Crowley, J., Schmitz, M., Williams, M.L., Jercinovic, M.J.,  Kozub-Budzyń, G.A., Konečny, P., Rzepa, G., Włodek, A.,

TS-Mnz – a new monazite age reference material for U-Th-Pb microanalysis

Budzyń, B.

Chemical Geology

Volume 572, 30 June 2021, 120195


Tramm, F., Wirth, R., Budzyń, B., Sláma, J., Schreiber, A.

LA-ICP-MS and TEM constraints on the magmatic and post-magmatic processes recorded by the zircon-xenotime intergrowth in pegmatite (Piława Górna, Góry Sowie Block, SW Poland)

Tramm, F.,Budzyń, B.


Volumes 404–405, 1 December 2021, 106480


Budzyń, B., Wirth, R., Sláma, J., Birski, Ł., Tramm, F., Kozub-Budzyń, G.A., Rzepa, G., Schreiber, A.,

LA-ICPMS, TEM and Raman study of radiation damage, fluid-induced alteration and disturbance of U-Pb and Th-Pb ages in experimentally metasomatised monazite

 Budzyń, B., Tramm, F.

Chemical Geology

Volume 583, 20 November 2021, 120464


Ciazela, M., Ciazela, J.,

Topoclimate Mapping Using Landsat ETM+ Thermal Data: Wolin Island, Poland

Ciazela, M., Ciazela, J.,

Remote Sensing

Volume 13 (14), 2712. 9 July 2021


Ciazela, M., Ciazela, J., Pieterek, B.

High Resolution Apparent Thermal Inertia Mapping on Mars

Ciazela, M., Ciazela, J.

Remote Sensing

Voalume 13 (18), 3692 15 Sept 2021


Patko, L., Ciazela, J., Aradi, L.E., Liptai, N., Pieterek, B., Berkesi, M., Lazarov, M., Kovacs, I.J., Holtz, F., Szabo, C.

Iron isotope and trace metal variations during mantle metasomatism: in situ study on sulfide minerals from peridotite xenoliths from Nógrád-Gömör Volcanic Field (Northern Pannonian Basin)

Ciazela, J.


Volumes 396–397, September 2021, 106238


Dipietro, I., Séjourné, A., Costard, F., Ciążela, M., Palmero Rodriguez, J., A.

Evidence of mud volcanism due to the rapid compaction of martian tsunami deposits in southeastern Acidalia Planitia, Mars

Ciążela, M.


Volume 354, 15 January 2021, 114096


Jaranowski, M., Budzyń, B., Rzepa, G., Sláma, J., Sawłowicz, Z.

Geochemical constraints on the distribution of trace elements and volatiles in fluorapatite from the Panasqueira tin-tungsten deposit (Portugal)

Jaranowski, M., Budzyń, B.

Geochemistry-Chemie der Erde

Volume 81, Issue 2, May 2021, 125765


Jastrzębski, M., Budzyń, B., Żelaźniewicz, A., Konečný, P., Sláma, J., Kozub-Budzyń, G.A., Skrzypek, E., Jaźwa, A.

Eo-Variscan metamorphism in the Bohemian Massif: thermodynamic modeling and monazite geochronology of gneisses and granulites of the Góry Sowie Massif, SW Poland

Jastrzębski, M., Budzyń, B., Jaźwa, A.

Journal of Metamorphic Geology

Volume 39, Issue 6, August 2021, p. 751-779


Kruszewski, Ł., Kisiel, M., Cegiełka, M.,

Soil development in the coal fire environment: a case of Upper Silesian waste heaps

Kruszewski, Ł.

Geological Quarterly

Volume 65: 2, 2021


Kruszewski, Ł., Palchik, V., Vapnik, Y., Nowak, K., Banasik, K., Galuskina, I.,

Mineralogical, Geochemical, and Rock Mechanic Characteristics of Zeolite-Bearing Rocks of the Hatrurim Basin, Israel.

 Kruszewski, Ł.


Volume 11 (10) 1062, 28 Sept 2021


Mederski, S., Kruszewski, Ł., Pršek, J.

Epithermal Cu mineralization in the Stary Lesieniec rhyodacite quarry, Lower Silesia: primary and secondary mineral paragenesis

 Kruszewski, Ł.

Geological Quarterly

Volume 65, 3, 2021


Lalla, E.A., Konstantinidis, M., Czakler, C., Garnitschnig, S., Hickson, D., Such, P., Losiak, A., Ercoli, M., Frigeri, A., Hofmann, A., Lucic, T., Seikora, N., Suchantke, I., Gruber, S., Groemer, G.

Remote science activities during the AMADEE-18 Mars analog mission: Preparation and execution during a simulated planetary surface mission

Losiak, A.

Journal of Space Safety Engineering

Volume 8, Issue 1, March 2021, Pages 75-85


Paszkowski, M., Budzyń, B., Mazur, S., Sláma, J., Środoń, J., Millar, I.L., Shumlyanskyy, L., Kędzior, A., Liivamägi, S.

Detrital zircon U-Pb and Hf  constraints on provenance and timing of deposition of the Mesoproterozoic to Cambrian sedimentary cover of the East European Craton, part II: Ukraine

Paszkowski, M., Budzyń, B., Mazur, S., Środoń, J., Kędzior, A.,

Precambrian Research

Volume 362, 15 August 2021, 106282


Tedonkenfack, S.S.T., Puziewicz, J., Aulbach, S., Ntaflos, T., Kaczmarek, M.-A., Matusiak-Małek, M., Kukuła, A., Ziobro, M.

Lithospheric mantle refertilization by DMM-derived melts beneath the Cameroon Volcanic Line – a case study of the Befang xenolith suite (Oku Volcanic Group, Cameroon)

Kukuła, A.

Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology

Volume 176 article: 37, 24 April 2021


Wudarska, A., Słaby, E., Wiedenbeck, M., Barnes, J.D., Bonifacie, M., Sturchio, N.C., Bardoux, G., Couffignal, F., Glodny, J., Heraty, L., John, T., Kusebauch, C., Mayanna, S., Wilke, F.D.H, Deput, E.

Inter-laboratory characterisation of apatite reference materials for chlorine isotope analysis

Wudarska, A., Słaby, E., Deput, E.

Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research

Volume 45, Issue 1, March 2021, p. 121-142


Zhu RZ., Słaby E., Lai SC., Chen LH, Qin J., Zhang C., Zhao S., Zhang F., Liu WH, Fowler M.,

High-K calc-alkaline to shoshonitic intrusions in SE Tibet: implications for metasomatized lithospheric mantle beneath an active continental margin

Słaby E.

Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology

Volume 176, article 85, 7 Oct 2021


Żelaźniewicz, A., Jastrzębski, M.

Evolution of Neoarchean-Paleoproterozoic basement in the Brunovistulia terrane, S Poland: geological, P-T and geochemical records

Jastrzębski, M.

Geological Quarterly

Volume 65: 2, 2021


Stachowska, A., Krzywiec, P.

Depositional architecture of the Upper Cretaceous succession in central Poland (Grudziądz-Polik area) based on regional seismic data

Stachowska, A., Krzywiec, P.

Geological Quarterly

Volume 65: 2, 2021


Warsitzka M., Závada P., Jähne-Klingberg F., Krzywiec, P.

Contribution of gravity gliding in salt-bearing rift basins – a new experimental setup for simulating salt tectonics under the influence of sub-salt extension and tilting

Krzywiec, P.

Solid Earth

Volume 12, p. 1987–2020, 30 August 2021


Goleń, J., Tyszka, J., Godos, K.

Fluorescent double labelling of F-actin in Foraminifera: evaluation of granular pattern F-actin organisation in reticulopodia

Goleń, J., Tyszka, J., Godos, K.

Biogeosciences Discussions

preprint, Received: 25 Mar 2021 – Discussion started: 05 May 2021








Monografie i rozdziały w monografiach


Obremska, M.

Historia zmian szaty roślinnej w okolicy Jeziora Radomno w końcowej fazie okresu subborealnego i w okresie subatlantyckim. W: R. Solecki (red.) Interdyscyplinarne badania wielofazowych osiedli obronnych z Pojezierza Iławskiego i Garbu Lubawskiego

Obremska, M.





Krajcarz, M. T.

Namuliska jaskiniowe we współczesnym krajoznawstwie polskim – społeczna znajomość zagadnienia. W: Makowska-Iskierka M., Wojciechowska J. (red.), Warsztaty z Geografii Turyzmu, t. 11

Krajcarz, M. T.

Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego

Warsztaty z Geografii Turyzmu, t. 11, 2021, pp. 163-174