Prof. Jan Środoń – okres realizacji grantu NCN: 9.06.2014-8.01.2021

Rekonstrukcja parametrów środowiska ediakaru w oparciu o skały z kratonu wschodnio-europejskiego wolne od przeobrażeń diagenetycznych

Deciphering the Ediacaran environment from unaltered clastic sedimentary rocks of the East European Craton


This is a multidisciplinary project, aimed at making possibly complete use of the Precambrian rock samples, collected in core storages and in outcrops over entire western margin of the East European Craton: from the White Sea coast to Moldova. Over 1500 samples were investigated by quantitative X-ray diffraction analysis and suitable sets were selected for different studies: organic geochemistry, climate based on  mineralogy, geochemistry, and isotope geochemistry  of paleosols, life on land based on observations of paleosols and subaerial basalts,  recognition of sedimentary environments from sedimentological observations, geochemistry and isotope geochemistry, geochronology and stratigraphic correlations based on micropaleontology, sedimentology, Ar-Ar, and U-Pb dating, provenance analysis and paleotectonic reconstructions  based on U-Pb dating detrital zircons and paleomagnetic measurements, postsedimentary alterations and thermal history of sediments from porosity measurements, organic geochemistry, K-Ar dating and XRD of illite-smectite, and apatite fission track analysis,   mineral and chemical changes during hydrothermal alteration of basalts, and mechanism of hematite recrystallization during burial diagenesis. 11 papers have been published, 1 is after positive reviews, and 9 are close to be finished.