Artur Kuligiewicz


Institute of Geological Sciences Polish Academy of Sciences
Research Centre in Kraków
Senacka 1, 31-002 Kraków, Poland

 +48 12 3705 232 (Office)
+48 12 422 19 10 (Switchboard)

Scientific interests:

Clay minerals chemistry, structure, and thermal transformations; Infrared spectroscopy of clay minerals; K-Ar and Ar-Ar isotope dating

June 2017 – Ph.D. in Earth Sciences, Institute of Geological Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences, Krakow (Poland)
July 2011 – M.Sc. in geology, Jagiellonian University, Kraków (Poland)


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2. Kuligiewicz A., Derkowski A. (2017) Tightly bound water in smectites. American Mineralogist, American Mineralogist, 102, 1073-1090.
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5. Kuligiewicz A., Derkowski A., Emmerich K., Christidis G.E., Tsiantos V., Gionis V., Chryssikos G.D. (2015) Measuring the layer charge of dioctahedral smectite by O-D vibrational spectroscopy, Clays and Clay Minerals, 61, 443-456.
6. Kuligiewicz A., Derkowski A., Szczerba M., Gionis V., and Chryssikos G.D. (2015) Revisiting the infrared spectrum of the water-smectite interface, Clays and Clay Minerals, 61, 15-29.
7. Szymański W., Skiba M., Nikorych V.A., and Kuligiewicz A. (2014) Nature and formation of interlayer fillings in clay minerals in Albeluvisols from the Carpathian Foothills, Poland, Geoderma, 235-236, 396-409.