Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer

The Quantulus 1220 PerkinElmer is an ultra low-level liquid scintillation spectrometer dedicated to environmental research. Quantulus is a counter with proven unsurpassed performance measuring extremely low concentrations of man-made, cosmogenic and other natural radionuclides. The Quantulus provides alpha/beta discrimination counting. Especially for samples containing mixed alpha/beta/gamma radiation. It provides the highest beta liquid scintillation sensitivity and counting performance. In our laboratory, we mostly use it for tritium activity measurements in environmental samples. 

The Sample Oxidizer A307 PerkinElmer allows us to prepare environmental samples, e.g. lake sediments, plants or tissues for further analyses on the Quantulus spectrometer.  

Quantulus 1220 (PerkinElmer ).

Sample Oxidizer A307 (PerkinElmer).