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10/2023     PhD. Łukasz Kruszewski gave an interview on the rock usage in construction / urban planning, for the "A plan for the weekend" Podcast of the Radio dla Ciebie, within the activity of the Museum of Earth (PAS)in the 15th edition of the „Warsaw in Construction" festival activity entitled „The fever of the Warsaw night, or stone in the architecture of the capital"

05/2023     MSc. Maciej Jaranowski recieved funding from the Excite network for the project "Submicron-scale constraints on zircon growth and alterations under eclogite-facies metamorphism".

05/2023     PhD. Alicja Wudarska received the IAG Geoanalytical Research and Networking Grant for the project titled "Development of new reference materials for boron and sulphur isotope analyses of apatite". Details in the "Research projects" tab.

01/2023     Nomination for PhD. Jakub Ciążeli for the title "Personality of the Year 2022" in the category "Science" from the Editorial Board of "Polska Metropolia Warszawska"

12/2022     Prof. Ewa Słaby, was awarded the medal "Decoration of Honour for Merit to Polish Geology" at the meeting of the Scientific Council of ING PAN 

11/2022     PhD. Łukasz Kruszewski together with the group Łukasiewicz-PIAP, participated in ESA-ESRIC's "Space Resources Challenge" competition related to raw materials prospecting on the Moon (including 1st-step testing in ESA ESRIC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, in November 2021). The final winner is expected to take part in preparations/planning of the mission of the European Large Logistic Lander that is expected to land at the Moon's South Pole in 2028/2029.

10/2022     As part of the cooperation between ING PAN and the Museum of the Earth of the Polish Academy of Sciences during the festival: "Warsaw Gallery Weekend" held the opening of a new temporary exhibition at the Museum of the Earth of the Polish Academy of Sciences titled. "Lapis Mundi", during which a member of our group - PhD Łukasz Kruszewski - gave a series of lectures on mineralogy and geochemistry (read more>>

10/2022     PhD. Alicja Wudarska recieved funding from the Excite network for the project "Development of new apatite reference materials for U-Pb dating".

10/2022     MSc. Wiktoria Gmochowska recieved funding from the Excite network for the project "The hydrothermal response of allanite minerals".

10/2022     PhD. Jakub Ciążela became a finalist of 22st Edition of Scientific Awards of POLITYKIin Social Sciences.

08/2022     PhD. Alicja Wudarska became a council member of the International Association of Geoanalysts for the term of office 2022-2024.

05/2022     during Jubilee Session celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Polish Geological Society PhD. Bartosz Budzyń was awarded the medal "Decoration of Honour for Merit to Polish Geology"

05/2022     The research project "Metal migration and ore formation in the slow-spread oceanic lithosphere: an insight from the Central Sudetic Ophiolite, Poland" led by PhD. Jakub CIążela recieved founding from the National Science Centre Poland (read more >>)

11/2021    The research project "Large-scale global copper deposit exploration using satellite data" led by PhD. Marta Ciążela received funding from the National Science Centre Poland (read more>>).

11/2021    The research project "Possibility of developing in Poland the EBSD technique (backscattered electron diffraction) to study xenoliths of Earth's mantle rocks on the example of peridotites from Mount Bar (Devès, Massif Central, France)" led by PhD. Anna Kukuła received funding from the National Science Centre Poland (read more>>).

05/2021    The research project "Understanding very small (<200 m in diameter) and small (<1.5 km in diameter) impact craters on Earth in order to determine the degree of environmental damage induced by such events by studying their proximal ejecta blankets" led by PhD. Anna Łosiak received funding from the National Science Centre Poland (read more >>).

03/2021    Volcanic processes and the latest eruptions of Etna and Fagradalsfjall volcanos: Prof. Ewa Słaby gave two interviews to the Radio Wnet (listen here>>) and the Polish Press Agency (read here>>).

02/2021     PhD. Anna Łosiak was a guest to the commentated broadcast of the landing of the Perseverance rover on Mars. Watch "Astrofaza" broadcast here >>.

02/2021     PhD. Jakub Ciążela gave an interview to the local radio station of the University of Warsaw explaining his research towards understanding ore formation on Mars (listen to the podcasthere >>).

01/2021     International Association of Geoanalysts announced the winners of the IAG Young Scientist Award 2021 - one of them is PhD. Alicja Wudarska.Read more >>

12/2020     MSc. Maciej Jaranowski, the youngest member of the PetroGen group, won the 2020 edition of the contest for the best master thesis organized annually by the Mineralogical Society of Poland. He also received an honorable mention in XXII edition of Diamonds of AGH competition for the best thesis in the category of the best theoretical thesis.

12/2020     The research project "Towards understanding ore formation on Mars: new data from ExoMars/TGO and geochemical fingerprinting of meteorites" led by PhD. Jakub Ciążela received funding from the National Science Centre Poland (read more >>).

11/2020     PhD. Anna Łosiak gave two lectures at the III Space Mining Conference (watch >>) and at the Near Space Conference (listen>>).

11/2020     MSc. Fabian Tramm received Rudolf Mock Award 2020 for his contribution at the XXIst International Conference of Young Geologists.

10/2020     PhD. Anna Łosiak participated in the "Astrofaza" online broadcast, where she explained how scientists search for life on Mars (watch >>).

09/2020     Prof. Ewa Słaby was appointed the new President of the European Mineralogical Union (read more >>).