Clay Minerals Research Group (ClayLab)

Head:    Arkadiusz Derkowski  PhD, DSc.

           Instytut Nauk Geologicznych PAN
           Ośrodek Badawczy w Krakowie  
           ( Institute of Geological Sciences P.A.S., Research Centre in Kraków )
           Senacka 1,   31-002 Kraków
Phone: (48) 12 3705 200 ; 12 422-89-20 ; Ext.: 226
            (48) 12 3705 226

Fax: (48) 12 3705 205 ; 12 422-16-09

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ClayLab team composition:

  1. Jan Środoń, PhD, DSc, Professor
  2. Marek Szczerba, PhD, DSc, Adjunct
  3. Arkadiusz Derkowski, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor
  4. Artur Kuligiewicz, PhD, Adjunct
  5. Barbara Bożek, PhD, Assistant
  6. Małgorzata Lempart-Drozd, PhD, Assistant
  7. Paweł Ziemiański, BEng, MSc, Assistant
  8. Zuzanna Ciesielska, BEng, Technician
  9. Aleksander Skała, BEng, PhD, Technician Expert
  10. Mariola Kowalik, BEng, MSc, Assistant
  11. Nadine Kanik, MSc, Assistant
  12. Michał Banaś, MSc, Technician Expert
  13. Magdalena Goryl, MSc, Assistent
  14. Karol Jewuła, MSc, Assistent


The Laboratory of the Clay Minerals Research Group (Clay-Lab) is one of few in the world and the only one in Poland, fully equipped with all tools used to study minerals in the group of layered aluminosilicates. The laboratory deals with structural, quantitative and qualitative analysis of rocks and soils containing clay minerals. In addition, the laboratory conducts research on the potential of high pressure methane adsorption on shale and coal samples, geochronological measurements of rocks and silicate minerals, research on thermal transformations of minerals, supporting interpretation of results by molecular modelling. ClayLab team consists of highly qualified personnel, who have the latest laboratory equipment at their disposal.


  1. Chemical and Clay Minerals Separation Laboratory.
  2. X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory (XRD).
  3. Noble Gases Laboratory (K-Ar).
  4. Laboratory of Infrared Spectroscopy and Thermogravimetry coupled to Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry (TG-MS-IR)
  5. Laboratory of High Pressure Adsorption Measurements
  6. Computation Cluster