Karol Jewuła


Karol Jewuła, PhD


Institute of Geological Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences
Research Centre in Cracow
Senacka 1, 31-002 Kraków, Poland

Position: Research Assistant
Phone (Office):   
E-mail:  k.jewula@ingpan.krakow.pl

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karoljewula/

ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Karol_Jewuta


Principal research interests:

+ Sedimentology (facies interpretation, sedimentology and palaeogeomorphology of terrestial environemnts)
Projects: Permian-Triassic from Holy Cross Mountains. Upper Triassic from Poland and Alps; Carboniferous from Poland and the UK; Ordovician/Silurian from the UK, Poland and Czech Republic.

+ Inorganic Geochemistry (chemostratigraphy, modelling of bulk mineralogy and petrophysical parameters from elemental analysis and wireline and MWD/LWD/PWD logs - utilizing the linear and non-linear and neural networking optimization engines). Projects from Europe, USA, Canada, Africa and Middle East.

+ Stratigraphy (I have an extensive experience in chemostratigraphy, lithostratigraphy, magnetostratigraphy and sequence stratigraphy). Projects from the Central Europe (Germanic Basin, Paris Basin, Southern Permian Basin, Shale-Gas plays in Poland, Carpathians and Alpine Foreland Basins, Carboniferous basin), the North Sea (Northern Permian Basin: North, Central and Southern North Sea) and Middle East (Arabian Platform), Gulf of Mexico (sub Salt), South America. Experience in siliciclastic and carbonate sequences.

Additionaly I am working as consultant geoscientists in O&G upstream. For many years my interests have been focused on broad aspects on reservoir geology including sedimentology, stratigraphy and petrophysics. Currently working as real time pore pressure/geomechanics analyst:

+ Pore Pressure evaluation (Real-time analysis: Eaton, Bower and Miller models, gas analysis). Projects from the UK, Norway, Dennmark, USA, Brunei, Mauritania, Senegal, Suriname, Ivory Coast, Falkland Islands, Maynmar. 

+ Formation Evaluation (wireline data analysis and modeling reservoir quality). Projects from onshore Europe, North Sea, Canada and Africa.

Offshore and onshore experience (including HPHT, shale and tight gas plays): The North Sea, Suriname, onshore UK, onshore France, onshore Poland.


2021 PhD in Geology
Institute of Geological Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences. PhD thesis:
"Depositional environments and facies architecture of the upper Permian- Lower Triassic and Upper Triassic continental
successions in the SE margin of Central European Basin (Holy Cross Mountains and Upper Silesia)"
Supervisor: dr hab. Wiesław Trela (Polish Geological Institute) 

2010 M.Sc. in Geology

Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences (Kraków, Poland). MSc thesis: 
"Magnetic polarity scale for the Upper Triassic deposits from Upper Silesia region (Poland)."
Supervisors: Prof. dr hab. Joachim Szulc (Jagiellonian Univeristy), Prof. dr hab. Jerzy Nawrocki (Polish Geological Institute). 

Professional career:

03.2016 → Now




11.2014 → 03.2016






08.2013 → 10.2014


BIZON Geological Consulting (Consultant) – Durham, UK.

Real-time monitoring of drilling parameters – pore pressure, fracture gradients, and geomechanics while drilling. Projects from West Africa (Mauritania, Senegal), South America (Suriname), Middle East (Iraq), and North Sea (Dutch sector of the North Sea).


IKON Science Ltd (Real Time Operations Analyst)
– Durham, UK.

Duties involve real-time monitoring of drilling parameters and MWD/LWD/wireline log responses to evaluate pore pressure and fracture gradients in structurally complex reservoirs (using Eaton, Bower, Miller empirical models and gas analysis both in depth and time domain). Drilling optimization service. Working in real-time Centre and client offices. Projects from GoM, North Sea, South America (Suriname, Falklands), West coast of Africa (Mauritania, Senegal), Far East Asia (Brunei). Marketing experience (Philippines, USA & the UK).


Chemostrat Ltd (Geologist) – Welshpool, UK

Working as a geologist in the Europe/Middle East team. Performing regional studies and well correlations based on various stratigraphic (especially geochemical) tools and wireline data. Formation Evaluation: modelling of petrophysical parameters based on chemical and mineralogical data. Wellsite stratigraphic interpretation for casing and coring point picking.


07.2011 → 07.2013

Halliburton Company (Data Engineer) – Krakow, Poland

Data Engineer, Surface Data Logger and LaserStrat engineer. Working as logging geologist, data engineer (offshore UK, including HPHT wells and onshore shale plays in Poland and France) and chemostratigrapher. Performing geological examination of samples for TAQA, ConocoPhillips UK Ltd., Tullow Oil, HESS, Talisman Energy and Chevron.


National Science Center PRELUDIUM GRANT (2018/29/N/ST10/02028): "Integrated analysis of palaeosol horizons as a key to palaeoenvironmental reconstructions of Permo-Triassic sequence from the Germanic Basin" 2019-2021: 47780 EUR


Articles (peer-reviewed):

Jewuła, K., Trela, W., Wasielka, N., Archer, S. Palustrine limestones an d calcrete s as th e sedimentar y record of paleoenvironmental change s in a Late Permia n semi -arid climat e at th e SE peripher y of th e Southern Permia n Basi n (the Holy Cros s Mountains, Poland ). Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 111398 (in press). doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.palaeo.2023.111398

Jewuła, K., Środoń, J., Kędzior, A., Paszkowski, M., Liivamägi, S., Goryl, M., 2022. Sedimentary, climatic, and provenance controls of mineral and chemical composition of the Ediacaran and Cambrian mudstones from the East European CratonPrecambrian ResearchIn press (doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.precamres.2022.106850)

Jewuła, K., Środoń, J., Kuligiewicz, A., Mikołajczak, M., Liivamägi, S., 2022. Critical evaluation of geochemical indices of palaeosalinity involving boron.Geochimica et Cosmochimica Actain press (doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.gca.2022.01.027)

Jewuła, K. Fijałkowska-Mader, A., Salwa, S. 2022. Walory geoedukacyjne i geoturystyczne kamieniołomu Zygmuntówka na Czerwonej Górze (Góry Świętokrzyskie). Przegląd Geologiczny 70, 25-33. (doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.7306/2022.1) [in Polish with English abstract]

Fijałkowska-Mader, A., Paszkowski, M., Kędzior, A., Jewuła., K. 2022. Lost Norian fluvial tracks: sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Upper Triassic coarse-grained deposits in Kamienica Śląska (Upper Silesia, Southern Poland). Annales Societatis Geologorum Poloniae 92, xx-xx. https://doi.org/10.14241/asgp.2022.11 (in Press)

Trela, W., Krzemińska, E., Jewuła, K., Czyput, Z. 2022. Oxygen Isotopes from Apatite of Middle and Late Ordovician Conodonts in Peri-Baltica (The Holy Cross Mountains, Poland) and Their Climatic ImplicationsGeosciences 12(4), 165. in press (doi: https://doi.org/10.3390/geosciences12040165)

Jewuła, K., Trela, W., Fijałkowska-Mader, A. 2021. Sedimentary and pedogenic record of seasonal humidity during the Permian-Triassic transition on the SE margin of Central European Basin (Holy Cross Mountains, Poland). Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 110154 in press

Fijałkowska-Mader, A., Jewuła, K., Bodor, E. 2021. Record of the Carnian Pluvial Episode in the Polish microflora. Palaeoworld 30: 106-125.

Jewuła, K., Trela, W., Fijałkowska-Mader, A. 2020.The Permian–Triassic boundary in continental sedimentary succession at the SE margin of the Central European Basin (Holy Cross Mountains, Poland). Geological Magazine 157, 1767-1780. 

Jewuła, K., Matysik, M., Paszkowski, M., Szulc, J. 2019. The Late Triassic development of playa-gilgai environments from Upper Silesia, southern Poland.  Sedimentary Geology 379: 25-45.

Moore, C., Doyle, E., Jewula, K., Karda, L., Sheehy, T., O’Connor, S., Djordjevic, O. 2016. Realtime Monitoring, Using All Available Data, Plays A Vital Role In Successful Drilling Operations. OTC Conference.

Szulc, J., Racki, G., Jewuła, K. 2015. Key aspects of the stratigraphy of the Upper Silesian middle Keuper, southern Poland. ASGP – Annales Societatis Geologorum Poloniae 85(4): 557-586.

Szulc, J., Racki, G., Jewuła, K., Środoń, J. 2015. How many Upper Triassic bone-bearing levels are there in Upper Silesia (southern Poland)? A critical overview of stratigraphy and facies. ASGP – Annales Societatis Geologorum Poloniae 85(4): 587-626.

Nawrocki, J., Jewuła, K., Stachowska, A., Szulc J. 2015. Magnetic polarity of Upper Triassic sediments of the Germanic Basin in Poland. ASGP – Annales Societatis Geologorum Poloniae 85(4): 663-674.

Środoń, J., Szulc, J., Anczkiewicz, A., Jewuła, K., Banaś, M., Marynowski, L. 2014. Weathering, sedimentary and diagenetic controls of mineral and geochemical characteristics of the vertebrate-bearing Silesian Keuper. Clay Minerals 49: 569-594.

Fieldtrips Guides:

Bodzioch, A., Jewuła, K., Matysik, M., Szulc, J. 2018. Paleośrodowiskowe uwarunkowania powstawania kopalnych biocenoz i interpretacja procesów tafonomicznych w osadach górnego triasu Śląska In: Gradziński, M. and Kędzierski, M. (Eds.) Polska Konferencja Sedymentologiczna - Materiały konferencyjne POKOS 7, Przewodnik do sesji terenowych: 27-32.

Conference Abstracts:

Jewuła, K., Środoń, J., Kuligiewicz, A., Mikołajczak, M., Liivamägi, S. 2022. Combining mineralogy and chemistry to evaluate palaeosalinity proxies: example from the Ediacaran mudstones of the East European Basin. 10th Jubilee Mid-European Clay Conference. Abstract Book, p. 47. 

Jewuła, K., Środoń, K., Kędzior, A., Paszkowski, M., Goryl, M., Liivamägi, S. 2022. Impact of provenance, weathering, and sedimentary processes on mineral and chemical composition of the Ediacaran and Cambrian mudstones from East European Craton. 10th Jubilee Mid-European Clay Conference. Abstract Book, p. 46. 

Środń, J.,  Liivamägi, S., Bojanowski, M., Jewuła, K. 2022.  Clay minerals of western Baltica Proterozoic as climatic indicators.  17th International Clay Conference (ICC2022) in İstanbul. Ref. ID No. 1199. 

Jewuła, K., Trela, W., Fijałkowska-Mader, A. 2021. Late Permian climate record in the continental and palustrine facies in SE Central European Basin. 35th Meeting of Sedimentology: Prague, Czech Republic 21–25 June 2021. (research supported by National Science Center, Poland: PRELUDIUM 2018/29/N/ST10/02028 )

Fijałkowska-Mader, A., & Jewuła, K. 2020. Odzwierciedlenie globalnych zmian klimatycznych na granicy smitu i spatu (wczesny trias) w mikroflorze Polski. 3-cia konferencja online Paleoklimat. 

Fijałkowska-Mader, A & Jewuła, K. 2019. A record of the Carnian Pluvial Phase in the Polish microflora. 20th Czech-Polish-Slovak Palaeontological Conference, Chęciny 20-23 October 2019. Abstracts of oral and poster presentation p. 21. (ISBN: 978-83-945216-9-1)

Jewuła, K., Trela, W., Fijałkowska-Mader, A., 2019. Late Permian and Early Triassic environments reconstructed from palaeosol profiles from the Central European Basin. 34th IAS Meeting of Sedimentology 2019, Rome, Italy. (research supported by National Science Center, Poland: PRELUDIUM 2018/29/N/ST10/02028 )

Jewuła, K., Kędzior A., Środoń J., 2019. Integrated sedimentological, mineralogical, and geochemical approach in reconstructing Ediacaran sedimentary environments – an example from East European Basin.  34th IAS Meeting of Sedimentology 2019, Rome, Italy.

Jewuła, K., Szulc, J. & Heunish, C., 2011. Palaeoenvironmental context of the vertebratebearing deposits of the Upper Triassic (Norian) sediments from Lipie Śląskie (southern Poland). In: Abstracts, 28th IAS Meeting of Sedimentology 2011, Zaragoza, Spain,

Jewuła, K., Nawrocki, J. & Szulc, J. 2011. Evolution of Polish Keuper and vertebrates evolution” – presentation during Polish Geological Society meeting Kraków 24.01.2011.

Jewuła, K. & Szulc, J..2010. Flood-event deposits of the Middle Keuper (Upper Triassic) in Upper Silesia (Poland). In: Haczewski, G., (ed.) 1st students’ International Geological Conference, Abstracts, 16-19 April 2010, Kraków, pp. 22.

Jewuła, K., Nawrocki, J. & Szulc, J. 2010. Pierwsze wyniki projektu „Ewolucja środowisk lądowych kajpru Górnego Śląska jako biotopów kręgowców” (in Polish). IV Sesja Popularnonaukowa "Śląskie dinozaury nie tylko z Krasiejowa”. 7 września 2010, Warszawa. Instytut Paleobiologii PAN im. Romana Kozłowskiego.

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.co.uk/citations?user=NVAscqsAAAAJ&hl=pl


Jewuła, K., Fijałkowska-Mader A., 2021. Paleogleby jako kopalny zapis zmian środowiskowych  i klimatycznych na przykładzie permu i triasu Gór Świętokrzyskich” Referat w ramach 100 lecia Polskiego Towarzystwa Geologicznego – 23 wrzesień 2021.

Jewuła, K., Trela, W., Fijałkowska-Mader, A., 2019. Late Permian and Early Triassic environments reconstructed from palaeosol profiles from the Central European Basin. 34th IAS Meeting of Sedimentology 2019, Rome, Italy. (research supported by National Science Center, Poland: PRELUDIUM 2018/29/N/ST10/02028 ) - Palaeosol Session

Jewuła, K., Nawrocki, J., Szulc, J. Pierwsze wyniki projektu "Ewolucja środowisk lądowych kajpru Górnego Śląska jako biotopu kręgowców" - PTG


International Association of Sedimentologists, member since 2011. 
Polish Geological Society (PTG) since 2010


  • I was awarded for Most Valuable Performance - MVP Award (Sperry Drilling, Halliburton) - October 2011.


  • Full offshore International Safety Certificates
  • Pore Pressure and Overpressure Training
  • Geomechanics Training 
  • Mudlogging and Data Engineering Training
  • Advanced Gas Analysis