Library in Warszawa

Elżbieta Gacyk, MSc., Curator
Bożena Frydrych


Mail address: 
         Institute of Geological Sciences, P.A.S.
        Twarda 51/55, 00-818 Warszawa, POLAND 

phone: (48) 22 6978-742
fax:      (48) 22 620-62-23 

The library includes approximately 14.341 books, 13.006 reprints, 4.798 maps and 104.740 copies of journals. 
Exchange with 84 foreign and 20 home libraries is carried on. 

 Our library is carrying out distribution of journals:

   - Geologia Sudetica

   - Studia Geologica Polonica

   - Studia Quaternaria.

Computerization of the catalogue is in progress under the MAK (National Library) system.