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The Institute of Geological Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences

The Institute of Geological Sciences is a part of the Division III of the Polish Academy of Sciences.


History of our institute reaches 1956. We conduct basic geological investigations concerning the origin and formation of rocks and minerals, evolution of selected orogens and reconstruction of ancient environments. Disciplinary areas of research interests include sedimentology, Quaternary geology, isotope geochemistry (especially geochronology), mineralogy, petrology, tectonics, stratigraphy and hydrogeology, also paleontology .

The Headquarters of the Institute is in Warszawa.  
Scientific units of the Institute are research groups residing at Research Centres - in Kraków, Warszawa and Wrocław - along with Doctoral Studies section, laboratories, libraries and the Geological Museum. 

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Latest publications

AuthorsBudzyń, B., Wirth, R., Sláma, J., Kozub-Budzyń, G.A., Schreiber, A.
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TitleDetrital zircon U-Pb and Hf constraints on provenance and timing of deposition of the Mesoproterozoic to Cambrian sedimentary cover of the East European Craton, part II: Ukraine
MagazinePrecambrian Research, Volume 362, 15 August 2021, 106282
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MagazineLithos, Volumes 396–397, September 2021, 106238
AuthorsTramm, F., Wirth, R., Budzyń, B., Sláma, J., Schreiber, A.
TitleLA-ICP-MS and TEM constraints on the magmatic and post-magmatic processes recorded by the zircon-xenotime intergrowth in pegmatite (Piława Górna, Góry Sowie Block, SW Poland)
MagazineLithos, Volumes 404–405, 1 December 2021, 106480
AuthorsSolovey T., Wojewódka-Przybył M., Janica R.
TitleHydrochemical indicators of water source and contamination in fen peatlands of varying hydrogeomorphic settings in northern and central Poland
MagazineEcological Indicators, Volume 129, October 2021, 107944
AuthorsCheng L:, Xue B., Zawisza E., Liu J., Yao S., Li S.,
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AuthorsSzczygieł J., Sobczyk A., Hercman H., Mendecki M.J., Gąsiorowski M.
TitleDamaged Speleothems and Collapsed Karst Chambers Indicate Paleoseismicity of the NE Bohemian Massif (Niedźwiedzia Cave, Poland)
MagazineTectonics, 10 February 2021