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The Institute of Geological Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences

The Institute of Geological Sciences is a part of the Division III of the Polish Academy of Sciences.


History of our institute reaches 1956. We conduct basic geological investigations concerning the origin and formation of rocks and minerals, evolution of selected orogens and reconstruction of ancient environments. Disciplinary areas of research interests include sedimentology, Quaternary geology, isotope geochemistry (especially geochronology), mineralogy, petrology, tectonics, stratigraphy and hydrogeology, also paleontology .

The Headquarters of the Institute is in Warszawa.  
Scientific units of the Institute are research groups residing at Research Centres - in Kraków, Warszawa and Wrocław - along with Doctoral Studies section, laboratories, libraries and the Geological Museum. 

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Latest publications

AutorzyBartosz Budzyń, Richard Wirth, Jiří Sláma, Łukasz Birski, Fabian Tramm, Gabriela A. Kozub-Budzyń, Grzegorz Rzepa, Anja Schreiber
TytułLA-ICPMS, TEM and Raman study of radiation damage, fluid-induced alteration and disturbance of U-Pb and Th-Pb ages in experimentally metasomatised monazite
CzasopismoChemical Geology
AuthorsEwa Słaby, Robert Anczkiewicz, Katarzyna Gros, Klaus Simon, Gabriela A. Kozub-Budzyń, Łukasz Birski, Hervé Martin, Mudlappa Jayananda, Jean-François Moyen, Milena Matyszczak, Marta Koziarska, Ewa Deput
TitleHigh-temperature fluids in granites during the Neoarchaean-Palaeoproterozoic transition: Insight from Closepet titanite chemistry and U-Pb dating (Dharwar craton, India)
MagazineLithos, Volumes 386–387, April 2021, 106039
AuthorsBartosz Budzyń, Jiří Sláma, Fernando Corfu, James Crowley, Mark Schmitz, Michael L. Williams, Michael J. Jercinovic, Gabriela A. Kozub-Budzyń, Patrik Konečny, Grzegorz Rzepa, Adam Włodek
TitleTS-Mnz – A new monazite age reference material for U-Th-Pb microanalysis
MagazineChemical Geology, Volume 572, 30 June 2021, 120195
AuthorsStanisław Mazur, Michał Malinowski, Yuriy Petrovich Maystrenko, Łukasz Gągała
TitlePre-existing lithospheric weak zone and its impact on continental rifting – The Mid-Polish Trough, Central European Basin System
MagazineGlobal and Planetary Change, Volume 198, March 2021, 103417
AuthorsK. Dudzisz, M. Lewandowski, T. Wernera, G. Karasiński, A. Kędzior, M. Paszkowski, J. Środoń, M.J. Bojanowski
TitlePaleolatitude estimation and premises for geomagnetic field instability from the Proterozoic drilling core material of the south-western part of the East European Craton
MagazinePrecambrian Research, Volume 357, 1 June 2021, 106135
AuthorsŁukasz Kruszewski, Monika J. Fabiańska, Tomasz Segit, Danuta Kusy, Rafał Motyliński, Justyna Ciesielczuk, Ewa Deput
TitleCarbon‑nitrogen compounds, alcohols, mercaptans, monoterpenes, acetates, aldehydes, ketones, SF6, PH3, and other fire gases in coal-mining waste heaps of Upper Silesian Coal Basin (Poland) – a re-investigation by means of in situ FTIR external database approach
MagazineScience of The Total Environment, Volume 698, 1 January 2020, 134274