Dr hab. Arkadiusz Derkowski – NCN, realizacja 10.01.2018-9.01.2022

Mechanizm i kinetyka rehydroksylacji minerałów ilastych kluczem do nowej metody datowań archeologicznych (RHX-Clay)

The mechanism and kinetics of rehydroxylation in calcined clay minerals as a key to a new method of archaeological dating of ceramics (RHX-Clay)

Ceramic objects have been manufactured by humans for at least 30,000 years, thus precise dating of fired-clay artifacts is crucial to numerous archeological interpretations. Recently, a new dating technique has been proposed for fired-clay ceramics, called RHX dating, which is based on monitoring rehydroxylation of fired (= dehydroxylated) clay minerals. The project aim is to investigate in detail those H2O/OH-related reactions, which will improve the fundamental knowledge about clay mineral transformations and possibly allow further advancement of the RHX dating methodology.