Biogeosystem Modelling Group (BIOGEO)

Coordinator:  Prof. dr hab. Jarosław Tyszka 
           Instytut Nauk Geologicznych PAN
           Ośrodek Badawczy w Krakowie  
           ( Institute of Geological Sciences P.A.S., Research Centre in Kraków )
           ul. Senacka 1,   31-002 Kraków
Phone:  (48) 12 3705 200 ; 12 422-89-20 ; Ext.: 216 
             (48) 12 3705 216 

Fax: (48) 12 3705 205 ; 12 422-16-09

         BIOGEO interdisciplinary research team investigates natural multiscale processes occurring at the interface of the biosphere and the geosphere with the special focus on marine paleo/environments.These processes are analyzed at various spatio-temporal scales, ranging from molecular to global phenomena that last from milliseconds to millions of years. The principal aim is to apply multiscale approach as the key to reconstruct the past and predict future ecosystem changes. This research is based on novel and classical methods, including in fossilio, in vivo and in silico approaches. Microfossil remains of Dinoflagellata and Foraminifera are applied as tools for biostratigraphy and paleoenvironmental reconstructions, including e.g. palaeobathymetry, relative sea-level changes, palaeogeography, marine paleocirculation, as well as interpretations of temperature, salinity, and pH trends. An actualistic approach is also used to study morphogenetic and biomineralization mechanisms in Foraminifera. Our equipment is designed to culture, observe and run experiments on living foraminifera and other micro-organisms applied as environmental indicators. The in silico research is based on the geosystem modelling, applied to paleoclimate and paleoceanographic simulations based on geological proxies. The team cooperates with IT researchers in order to implement morphogenetic and microhabitat models for testing empirical results.



1. Micropalaeontological indicators of palaeoenvironments
2. Morphogenesis and biomineralization of foraminifera
3. Multi-scale modeling of foraminifera
4. Modeling of the Earth system

Team composition:

  1. MSc. Karolina Godos-  PhD student
  2. MSc. Jan Goleń - Technician
  3. Dr  Agata Jarzynka Research Specialist
  4. Dr  Michael Lintner Post-doc / Assistant Professor 
  5. Dr Igor Niezgodzki - Assistant Professor
  6. Dr Wiesława Radmacher - Assistant Professor
  7. Prof. Dr habil. Jarosław Tyszka  -  Group leader/coordinator


  1. Actualistic Experimental Lab
  2. Computer Modelling Lab



                     Publications (BioGeo)


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