Cambrian-Precambrian (Ediacaran) boundary in IGS PAS studies

Photo documentation of the latest research: The photo shows part of Dniester's ravine in Kitaygorod, near Kamianets-Podilskyi (Ukraine).


In the lower, overgrown part of the profile, down to the Silurian dolomites, the boundary between Cambrian and Precambrian (Vendian) periods in the East European Craton was identified in 1950's. The reconsideration of this boundary is now verified by the team in IGS PAS Research Centre in Kraków, under the guidance of prof. Jan Środoń. This is part of the project "Deciphering the Ediacaran environment from unaltered clastic sedimentary rocks of the East European Craton" funded by the National Science Centre in Poland.