Current research projects

  • Isotope composition of aquatic invertebrate chitin as a tool for determining processes affecting mountain lake ecosystems.
    NCN 2018/31 / B / ST10 / 00664
    Project leader: dr hab. Michał Gąsiorowski
    Staff: dr. hab Elwira Sienkiewicz, Ilona Sekudewicz MSc, Marta Wojewódka MSc
    Start date: 2019, end date: 2022
  • Paleoclimatic conditions during MIS 7 and 6 in the Tatras and the Low Tatras based on isotope studies of cave infiltrates.
    2016/23 / N / ST10 / 00067
    Project leader: Marcin Błaszczyk MSc
    Start date: 14.07.2017, end date: 13.07.2020
  • The evolution and age of the sculpture of the Western Inner Carpathians based on comprehensive studies of caves (cave morphology, neo-tectonic activity, and age of cave sediments).
    2016/21 / B / ST10 / 01483
    Project leader: dr hab. Helena Hercman
    Staff: dr hab. Michał Gąsiorowski, Marcin Błaszczyk MSc, dr Jacek Szczygieł
    Start date: 20.01.2017, end date: 19.01.2020
  • Reconstruction of paleoenvironmental conditions based on cave infiltrates for the northern and southern Carpathians for the Eemian interglacial and early Vistulian.
    2015/19 / D / ST10 / 00571
    Project leader: dr Jacek Pawlak
    Start date: 10.06.2016, end date: 09.06.2019