Uranium-Series Laboratory (LUT)

Head of the LUT.: dr hab. Michał Gąsiorowski
Institute of Geological Sciences PAS

Research Center in Warsaw

Twarda 51/55, 00-818 Warsaw (Poland)
Phone: (48) 22 6978-742 
e-mail: mgasior@twarda.pan.pl


Facebook: Uranium-Series Laboratory


Research fields:

  1. Paleoenvironmental reconstructions based on speleothem records
  2. Assessment of environmental pollution with radioactive isotopes
  3. Study of transport and deposition of natural and artificial radioactive isotopes in the environment
  4. Dating lake sediments using the 210Pb and 137Cs methods
  5. Study of 3H activity in various components of the natural environment
  6. Using isotopes studies to model geochemical processes
  7. Isolating of collagen from fossil bone samples

Laboratory equipment:

  1. LA-ICP-MS
  2. Alpha Spectrometer
  3. Liquid Scintillation spectrometer
  4. Gamma Spectrometer
  5. Vario MicroCUBE elemental analyzer
  6. Equipment for sampling lake sediments

Team members:

  1. Dr .hab. Michał Gąsiorowski, Professor of the Institute
  2. Dr. Hab. Helena Hercman, Professor of the Institute
  3. Dr. Jacek Pawlak, Adjunct
  4. MSc. Marcin Błaszczyk, Assistant
  5. MSc. Ilona Sekudewicz, Assistant
  6. MSc. Maciej Swęd, Assistant
  7. MSc. Anna Mulczyk, Technician Expert
  8. MSc. Paula Sierpień, Technician
  9. M.Eng. Jacek Stienss, Technician
  10. Eng. Karolina Kaucha, Technician

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