Record of petrogenetic processes in mineral domains (PetroGen)


Research projects

  • Mineral transformations and REE, Th, U, Pb distribution during alteration processes of monazite, xenotime and allanite in nano- and microscale, and analytical improvements of electron probe microanalysis and Raman micro-spectroscopy for these phases

  • Archaean sanukitoid from Singhbhum Craton in India – magmatic and postmagmatic evolution
  • Hydrothermal system in late Archean – its impact on an abiotic environment composition
  • A nature of bimodal magmatism associated with Cambro-Ordovician rifting in Gondwana: the NE Bohemian Massif perspective in view of the integrated field data and multiisotopic studies on whole rocks and minerals, specifically zircons
  • Reconstructions of orogenic processes based on studies of selected objects
  • Petrochronology and alteration processes of REE phosphates and silicates in reconstructions of metamorphic and igneous processes
  • Development of the reference material(s) for U-Pb dating of apatite and U-Th-Pb dating of monazite
  • Burning heaps as "modern volcanoes"
  • (Meta)manganolites in Poland
  • Sulfide differentiation and enrichment in metals at the lower oceanic crust and crust-mantle transition zone: ICDP OmanDP holes
  • Sulfide differentiation and enrichment in metals in the lower oceanic crust: IODP Holes 735B & U1473A, Atlantis Bank, Southwest Indian Ridge
  • Towards understanding ore formation on Mars: new data fromExoMars/TGO and geochemical fingerprinting of meteorites
  • Isotope study of fossils from the Cradle of Humankind caves, South Africa




05/2021    The research project "Understanding very small (<200 m in diameter) and small (<1.5 km in diameter) impact craters on Earth in order to determine the degree of environmental damage induced by such events by studying their proximal ejecta blankets" led by Dr. Anna Łosiak received funding from the National Science Centre Poland (read more >>).

03/2021    Volcanic processes and the latest eruptions of Etna and Fagradalsfjall volcanos: Prof. Ewa Słaby gave two interviews to the Radio Wnet (listen here>>) and the Polish Press Agency (read here>>).

02/2021     Dr. Anna Łosiak was a guest to the commentated broadcast of the landing of the Perseverance rover on Mars. Watch "Astrofaza" broadcast here >>.

02/2021     Dr. Jakub Ciążela gave an interview to the local radio station of the University of Warsaw explaining his research towards understanding ore formation on Mars (listen to the podcast here >>).

01/2021     International Association of Geoanalysts announced the winners of the IAG Young Scientist Award 2021 - one of them is Dr. Alicja Wudarska. Read more >>

12/2020     MSc. Maciej Jaranowski, the youngest member of the PetroGen group, won the 2020 edition of the contest for the best master thesis organized annually by the Mineralogical Society of Poland. He also received an honorable mention in XXII edition of Diamonds of AGH competition for the best thesis in the category of the best theoretical thesis.

12/2020     The research project "Towards understanding ore formation on Mars: new data from ExoMars/TGO and geochemical fingerprinting of meteorites" led by Dr. Jakub Ciążela received funding from the National Science Centre Poland (read more >>).


Team members

1. Prof. Ewa Słaby, ProfessorPersonal website >>

2. PhD, DSc. Bartosz Budzyń, Associate Professor (Head of the research group)

Personal website >>

3. PhD, DSc. Mirosław Jastrzębski, Associate Professor

Personal website >>
4. PhD, DSc. Łukasz Kruszewski, Associate ProfessorPersonal website >>
5. PhD Jakub Ciążela, Assistant ProfessorPersonal website >>
6. PhD Anna Łosiak, Assistant ProfessorPersonal website >>
7. PhD BEng. Alicja Wudarska, Assistant ProfessorPersonal website >>
8. PhD Marta Ciążela, Research SpecialistPersonal website >>
9. PhD  Anna Kukuła, AssistantPersonal website >>
10. MSc. BEng. Maciej Jaranowski, AssistantPersonal website >>
11. MSc. Anna Sałacińska, AssistantPersonal website >>
12. MSc. Fabian Tramm,  AssistantPersonal website >>
13. MSc. Wiktoria Gmochowska, PhD CandidatePersonal website >>
14. MSc. Dariusz Marciniak, PhD CandidatePersonal website >>
15. MSc. Marek Śliwiński, PhD CandidatePersonal website >>
16. BEng. Grzegorz Pasławski