Record of petrogenetic processes in mineral domains (PetroGen)


Research projects

  • Mineral transformations and REE, Th, U, Pb distribution during alteration processes of monazite, xenotime and allanite in nano- and microscale, and analytical improvements of electron probe microanalysis and Raman micro-spectroscopy for these phases

  • Archaean sanukitoid from Singhbhum Craton in India – magmatic and postmagmatic evolution
  • Hydrothermal system in late Archean – its impact on an abiotic environment composition
  • A nature of bimodal magmatism associated with Cambro-Ordovician rifting in Gondwana: the NE Bohemian Massif perspective in view of the integrated field data and multiisotopic studies on whole rocks and minerals, specifically zircons
  • Reconstructions of orogenic processes based on studies of selected objects
  • Petrochronology and alteration processes of REE phosphates and silicates in reconstructions of metamorphic and igneous processes
  • Development of the reference material(s) for U-Pb dating of apatite and U-Th-Pb dating of monazite
  • Burning heaps as "modern volcanoes"
  • (Meta)manganolites in Poland
  • Sulfide differentiation and enrichment in metals at the lower oceanic crust and crust-mantle transition zone: ICDP OmanDP holes
  • Sulfide differentiation and enrichment in metals in the lower oceanic crust: IODP Holes 735B & U1473A, Atlantis Bank, Southwest Indian Ridge
  • Towards understanding ore formation on Mars: new data fromExoMars/TGO and geochemical fingerprinting of meteorites
  • Isotope study of fossils from the Cradle of Humankind caves, South Africa



Team members

1. Prof. Ewa Słaby, ProfessorPersonal website >>

2. PhD, DSc. Bartosz Budzyń, Associate Professor (Head of the research group)

Personal website >>

3. PhD, DSc. Mirosław Jastrzębski, Associate Professor

Personal website >>
4. PhD, DSc. Łukasz Kruszewski, Associate ProfessorPersonal website >>
5. PhD Łukasz Birski, Assistant Professor 
6. PhD Jakub Ciążela, Assistant ProfessorPersonal website >>
7. PhD Anna Łosiak, Assistant ProfessorPersonal website >>
8. PhD BEng. Alicja Wudarska, Assistant ProfessorPersonal website >>
9. PhD Marta Ciążela, Research SpecialistPersonal website >>
10. PhD  Anna Kukuła, AssistantPersonal website >>
11. MSc. BEng. Maciej Jaranowski, AssistantPersonal website >>
12. MSc. Anna Sałacińska, AssistantPersonal website >>
13. MSc. Fabian Tramm,  AssistantPersonal website >>
14. MSc. Wiktoria Gmochowska, PhD CandidatePersonal website >>
15. MSc. Dariusz Marciniak, PhD CandidatePersonal website >>
16. MSc. Marek Śliwiński, PhD CandidatePersonal website >>