6th Annual Conference of SEPM-CES, SEDIMENT 2009
Kraków 24-25 VI 2009
Presentations (Info)



Time allocated for oral presentation is 20 minutes, including discussion (15' + 5'). All speakers have received an indication of the scheduled session, day and time and duration of their presentation (see also the website). Chairpersons are asked to control strictly the time schedule and to interrupt speakers exceeding their time. Remember the rule: one slide per minute of speaking time. Persons who wish to bring an ad hoc ppt talk to fill incidental gaps in the sessions are welcome but they should inform the conveners in advance.

Digital or computer-based presentations must be compiled in Microsoft PowerPoint on an WINDOWS-compatible PC. Microsoft Office 2003 or 2007 versions are preferred. Save your presentation on a USB Portable Storage Device or on a CD/DVD. Check that a PC other than your own can access your presentation. Animation must be part of the ppt file.

Please note that there will not be possible to use your own laptop for presentation

Laptops with up-to-date PowerPoint software will be available in the conference hall. Speakers using systems other than WINDOWS should make sure that their talks are compatible for WINDOWS system. A number of computers will be provided by the organizers and will be available for preparing talks.

Wireless internet access is provided in the conference centre. Please contact the organizers for special requests.


Posters will be presented from Wednesday, June 24th to Thursday, June 25th in the Conference Center hall. All poster presentations have a poster number assigned, (see the web). This number would help to find your poster board. Materials to mount posters on the poster board will be provided by the organizers.

Poster sessions and coffee bars are scheduled for June 24th to Thursday, June 25th afternoons (see conference schedule).

Format of posters is DIN A0 PORTRAIT (max. 120 cm height x 90 cm width; vertically). Other placing of posters will not be possible.