6th Annual Conference of SEPM-CES, SEDIMENT 2009
Kraków 24-25 VI 2009
Poster sessions

Poster board number Author/s and title of the poster
1 Thomas Götte, Detlev K. Richter, Rolf D. Neuser
Cathodoluminescence of authigenic silicates
2 Thomas Götte, Detlev K. Richter, Rolf D. Neuser
Cathodoluminescence of Ti-minerals: Potential in heavy mineral analysis
3 Magdalena Sikorska
Phosphatization in Ordovician rocks (N Poland) - evidence from cathodoluminescence
4 Jasper Wassenburg, Jan Fietzke, Adrian Immenhauser, Detlev Richter
Late Quaternary stalagmites (MIS 1 and 5) of the Bab Mafraq cave in the Middle Atlas, Morocco
5 Detlev K. Richter, Adrian Immenhauser, Rolf D. Neuser
Abiogenic and biogenic radiaxial fibrous calcites (RFC)
6 Monika Kowal-Linka
Occurrence, characteristic and origin of the cone-in-cone structure calcite veins from the carbonates of the Gogolin Formation (Lower Muschelkalk, Middle Triassic), Poland
7 Urszula Czarniecka     
Microfacies of Miocene mixed terrigenous-organodetritic deposits of the northern marginal zone of the Carpathian Foredeep (SE Poland)
8 Anne-Christine da Silva, F. Boulvain
Environmental reconstruction of the Frasnian carbonate platform using sedimentology and magnetic susceptibility
9 Emanoil Săsăran, Ioan I. Bucur
Facies and depositional environment of the Upper Jurassic limestones from Pădurea Craiului (Apuseni Mountains, Romania)
10 F. Amour, M. Mutti, N. Christ, A. Immenhauser, Susan M. Agar, Greg Benson, Robert Alway & Lahcen Kabiri
Using high-resolution sedimentologic study combined with 3D stochatic modelling for the characterization of lateral facies changes within an inner carbonate platform in the Jurassic of the High Atlas, Morocco
11 Michał Matysik
High-frequency depositional cycles of the Górażdże Beds and the Karchowice Beds (the Lower Muschelkalk, Upper Silesia region)
12 Slavomír Nehyba, Kamil Zágorąek, Katarína Holcová
 Stable Isotope Study of Red Algal limestones at locality Podbřeľice (Middle Miocene, Central Paratethys, South Moravia, Czech Republic)
13 Frauke Kubischta, Karen Luise Knudsen, Anu Kaakinen, Veli-Pekka Salonen
Quaternary foraminiferal stratigraphy of marine deposits in Nordaustlandet, Svalbard
14 Aneta A. Anczkiewicz, Zbigniew Sawłowicz, Elżbieta Porębska
Environment of deposition of the Silurian shales from Wola Obszańska-10 (Malopolska Massif, Poland). Mineralogical and geochemical study
15 Paulina Leonowicz
Sedimentology of black muds from the Ore Bearing Częstochowa Clay Formation, Middle Jurassic, S Poland
16 Wiesław Trela
Rhuddanian black shales in the Holy Cross Mountains (Poland): sedimentary record of the anoxic/dysoxic event in Early Silurian
17 Monika Firlińska
The Geology of the Szczebel Mountain and its nearest area (The Beskid Wyspowy mountain ridge, Outer Carpathians, Poland)
18 Piotr Ruciński, Marek Cieszkowski
Sedimentary sequence within the Tylawa Limestones in the Dukla Nappe, Outer Carpathians, Poland
19 Piotr Strzeboński
'Ammonite' structures from the Western Flysch Carpathians
20 Michał Warchoł, Szczepan J. Porębski
Facies variability in delta-fed turbidite systems - example from the Miocene Machów Formation, Carpathian Foreland Basin (SE Poland)
21 Piotr Jaglarz, Michał Warchoł
Facies and depositional environment of the Tomanová Formation (Tatra Mts., Poland)
22 Enkurie L. Dawit, Robert Bussert
Latest Ordovician-(Early) Silurian post-glacial tide-dominated shelf sediments in Northern Ethiopia
23 Hornung, J., Pflanz, D., Hechler, A., Beer, A., Hinderer, M., Maisch, M.
3-D architecture, depositional patterns and climate triggered sediment fluxes of an alpine alluvial fan (Samedan, Switzerland)
24 Jens Hornung, Rahman Ashraf , Li Jie , Miao Yuyan, Matthias Hinderer, Sun Ge and Volker Mosbrugger
Coal seams, coarse-grained channels and a lacustrine delta: A lesson in alluvial depositional dynamics (Junggar-Basin, NW-China, Upper Triassic)
25 Duąan Starek, Radovan Pipík
Soft-sediment deformation structures association in the Upper Miocene deltaic environment of the Lake Pannon: inorganically and organically conditioned deformational process
26 Enrico Kallmeier , Hubert Kiersnowski , Christoph Breitkreuz
Coarse-grained clastic sedimentation in the Rotliegend Basin of western Poland - Facies and depositional processes
27 Roller, S., Hornung, J. Hinderer, M. Middle Miocene to Pleistocene sedimentary record of rift evolution in the southern Albertine Graben (Uganda)
28 Lenhardt, N., Hinderer, M., Hornung, J., Torres-Alvarado, I.S. & Boehnel, H.
The Miocene Tepoztlán Formation (Central Mexico) - Key to a Better understanding of the initial phase of the Transmexican Volcanic Belt
29 Piotr Kłapyta, Piotr Kołaczek
The Holocene slope processes and anthropogenic activity recorded in the lake sediments from the Niznia Pysznianska Meadow, Western Tatra Mts. (Poland)
30 Bartłomiej Wyżga, Ryszard Kaczka, Joanna Zawiejska
Patterns of wood deposition in mountain watercourses of medium and large width: examples from the Polish Carpathians and Bavarian Alps
Richard Faflak, Ayman El Saiy
Characterization of eolian sediment from a desert environment: implications for prehistoric desertification
32 I. Jaschke, U. Hoffmann
Provenance analysis and the controlling factors for basin development - case study Döhlen Basin
33 Tobias Rüsing, Carita Augustsson, Ellen Kooijman, Jasper Berndt, Heinrich Bahlburg, Udo Zimmermann
Detrital zircons as provenance indicators - the lower Palaeozoic in NW Argentina
34 Eva Wegerer, Godfrid Wessely
Component analysis of a Turonian conglomerate in the Northern Calcareous Alps of the Wienerwald and its facial and tectonical relevance
35 Ali Ismail Al-Juboury , Mohsin Mohamad Ghazal, Tom McCann
Detrital chromian spinels from Miocene and Holocene sediments of northern Iraq:
Provenance implications
36 Philipp Antrett & Alexandra Vackiner, Harald Stollhofen, Peter Kukla
Sedimentological reservoir characterization of the a Tight Gas Field in the Upper Rotliegend II Wustrow and Bahnsen Members, Ostfriesland, Germany
37 Dariusz Botor
Burial and thermal history of the Stephanian Sabero basin (the Cantabrian Zone, NW Spain)
38 Martin Klocke, Sara Keil, Thomas Voigt, Lothar Ratschbacher, Jörg W. Schneider
Provenance of Mesozoic to Cenozoic deposits of the eastern Tajik basin - a key to the evolution of the Pamir- Tien Shan orogen
39 Thomas Voigt, Martin Klocke, Sara Keil, Lothar Ratschbacher, Jörg W. Schneider
Cenozoic evolution of the Pamir-Tien Shan system - some insights from the Tajik Basin
40 Grelewicz Martyna, Kaczmarczyk Justyna, Żaba Jerzy
Sediment and tectonic structures of the Upper Cambrian in the exploration boreholes - Wola Obszańska 8 and Księżpol 12 - NE marginal zone of the Malopolska Block
41 Kamil Zágorąek, Slavomír Nehyba
Miocene sediments with Bryozoa in Moravian part of Carpathian Foredeep (Czech Republic)
42 Marcelina Łabaj
Paleoenvironmental records in Anisian reefs from Upper Silesia (SW Poland)