6th Annual Conference of SEPM-CES, SEDIMENT 2009
Kraków 24-25 VI 2009

Siliciclastics Shelf Margins Revisited
Andy Petter, Cornel Olariu & Ron Steel
University of Texas at Austin

26-27 June 2009

The course aim is to present new ideas on morphology, architecture and accretion of shelf & shelf margin prisms. It is recommended for geologists with an interest in shelves, deepwater slopes and evolving sequence stratigraphy concepts.

The short course will focus on :
  1. shelf transit principles and the importance of supply, sea-level, shelf width and shelf/coastal plain gradient,

  2. shelf and shelf-slope break variability; shelf morphology in high- and low- supply conditions,

  3. evolution and architecture of sediment-delivery systems (deltas) on the shelf,

  4. slope channels, sediment deposition vs by-pass on the slope, and hyperpycnal flow as a new slope-delivery mechanism

  5. sea-level driven lowstand vs.supply-driven highstand models for shelf margin accretion and fans,

  6. Rules of Thumb for predicting deepwater sands.

Lectures will be interspersed with well-log and seismic exercises.