6th Annual Conference of SEPM-CES, SEDIMENT 2009
Kraków 24-25 VI 2009

Pre-Conference Field Trip  A4. 23 VI  [cancelled]

Leader: J. Matyszkiewicz

Fee:  60 €

The field-trip will demonstrate lithology and sedimentation of the Upper Jurassic (Oxfordian- Lower Kimeridgian) deposits of the Kraków Upland. During the Late Jurassic Kraków area was located in the marginal part of the epicontinental basin where the typical of the northern shelf of Tethys microbial-sponge facies dominated.

Three points will be presented: Zalas Quarry (Mariae-Plicatilis) where dominate marls and marly limestones in which apper small microbial-sponge buildups, Czajowice Rocks (Bifurcatus) with masive limestones which represents fragment of large microbial reef-complex as well as the neptunian dyke in the sediments, and Kluczwoda Valley (Planula-Platynota) where small quarry with grawity flow deposits will be demonstrated

During the trip will be presented the most important factors that controlled the development of the Late Jurassic sedimentation in the Kraków area, which were related to the synsedimentary tectonics and Palaeozoic basement.

Microbial-sponge massive limestone; Oxfordian (bifurcatus); Bolechowicka Valley Complex of the microbial buildups; Słoneczne Rocks
The "Jurassic" landscape of the Kraków Upland