6th Annual Conference of SEPM-CES, SEDIMENT 2009
Krakˇw 24-25 VI 2009

Pre-Conference Field Trip  A3. 22-23 VI  [cancelled]

Leaders: P. Jaglarz, T. Rychli˝ski & J. Szulc

Fee:  200 €

The field trip will be focused on Triassic sedimentary successions from the Tatra Mts. (Poland, Slovakia), formed in three basins of the Carpathian branch of Western Tethys. The basins, called respectively Tatricum, Fatricum and Hronicum differ in facies development, reflecting various basin evolution of these units.

As a whole, the Triassic succession begins with clastic, continental alluvial deposits of Induan?-early Olenekian age. The late Olenekian - Middle Triassic deposits of the Tatricum and Fatricum basins formed on shallow and isolated ramp under arid and hot climatic conditions with substantial influence of subtropical storms. Open marine influences were rare and limited to mid Triassic interval. By way of contrast, the Hronicum basin in the middle Triassic, underwent rifting which diversified the basin into narrow troughs and grabens and caused contrasting facies pattern, between shallow-water carbonates (Wetterstein Formation) and basinal sediments (Reifling Formation and Partnach Formation).

During the late Triassic all the basins underwent vigorous tectonic reconstruction resulted in regional uplift and domination of continental sedimentation of the redbed facies typical for the Carpathian Keuper. By the end of the Triassic the worldwide transgression brought again shallow marine, clastic and carbonate sedimentation which continued in Jurassic time.

The field trip visits mostly the outcrops in high mountains, where trekking boots are necessary (altitude difference is ca. 1000 m). The weather in June is difficult to predict however the mean annual day temperatures ranges about 20°C. Rains and even storms are also probable.

Tatra Mts. Carpathian Keuper redbed sediments, Tatricum Unit
Upper Triassic continental mudflat clastics and lagoonal dolomites. Fatricum Unit. «diar, Slovakia
Ladinian shallow water carbonate succession. Fatricum Unit. Skupniˇw Up│az Teepee structure from the Skupniˇw Up│az section
Firmground with Balanoglossites isp. Anisian Gutenstein limestones. Fatricum Unit Dolocretes developed on the collapse breccia. Ladinian. Fatricum Unit
Strongly bioturbated Gutenstein limestones (Wursterkalk), Tatricum Unit
Anisian Reifling limestones with cherts. Hronicum Unit. Matja╣ovce. Slovakia Tuffs intercalations in Reifling limestones. Hronicum Unit. Matja╣ovce. Slovakia