6th Annual Conference of SEPM-CES, SEDIMENT 2009
Kraków 24-25 VI 2009

SEPM - CENTRAL EUROPEAN SECTION and Polish Geological Society
announce that the next SEPM CES Conference will be held in Kraków, Poland,
in June 24 - 25, 2009

We are inviting the geoscientists, both the experienced and beginners, to participate in SEDIMENT 2009 - the 6th Annual Conference of the Central European Section of SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology).

The conference venue - Kraków is widely known both as one of the geological and culture centres of Europe. In 1986, Kraków has already hosted the main European sedimentological summit i.e. 7th IAS Regional Meeting, the first one, which was organized in the former Eastern Block. It is also worth to note that again Kraków plays a role of precursor since the SEDIMENT 2009 will be first time SEPM CES meeting organized outside the German-speaking regions.

The meeting will be organized in traditional formula, including technical scientific sessions, keynote lectures, short courses, SEPM-CES Open Session and field trips. Conference language will be English. The talks are planned in two or three parallel sessions and will be accompanied by poster presentations.

Secretariat and Correspondence

Institute of Geological Sciences
Jagiellonian University
Oleandry Str. 2a
30-063 Krakow, POLAND

Phone/fax: +48-12 633 22 70
e-mail: sediment09@uj.edu.pl
Andrzej Łaptaś