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Tectonic Modeling Laboratory
(TectoModelLab Wroc³aw)
Head: Olga Kromuszczyńska, Dr.
           Instytut Nauk Geologicznych PAN
           O¶rodek Badawczy we Wroc³awiu  
           ( Institute of Geological Sciences P.A.S., Research Centre in Wroc³aw )
           ul. Podwale 75, 50-449 Wroc³aw
Phone: (48) 71 337-63-42
e-mail: okromuszczynska@twarda.pan.pl

            Krzysztof Wroński, Eng.

Tectonic Modeling Laboratory is located in the Institute of Geological Sciences Polish Academy of Sciences, Research Centre in Wroc³aw. The TectoModelLab is a first analogue modelling laboratory in Poland. The construction of the TectoModelLab, especially the "MAST-1" machine was supported by the Polish Committee for Scientific Research (KBN) Grant no. 4 T12B 067 27.

In the TectoModelLab many different types of research can be performed. The machine present in the laboratory can simulate compression (Fig. 1), extension and strike-slip. The equipment allows the rotation of the indenter which is a moving element. The laboratory perform the experiments that focus on the study of the deformation occurring in the upper crust, especially in the sedimentary cover. Quartz sand and glass beads are typical experimental materials in the laboratory. Physical modelling is documented using photo cameras and 3D scanner.

  Fig. 1. The view of the final stage of analogue modelling. The model consists of the pack of colored sands, which was squeezed. The right wall of the sand box was displaced.

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