Stable Isotope Laboratory focuses on the analysis of stable and radioactive isotopes of selected elements. We are specialized in the analysis of stable carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and sulfur isotopic composition of both organic and inorganic geological samples. We have experience in isotopic examinations of water. We perform isotopic measurements of oxygen and hydrogen in groundwater and surface water, C in carbonates dissolved in water (DIC), as well as radioactive tritium also in samples having low activity. We measure activity of alpha- radioactive isotopes of polonium, uranium and thorium in geological samples. In addition, we measure gamma radiation in natural as well as in industrial samples. We also carry out analyses of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulfur concentrations in solid samples.
Our data are used in palaeoecological, palaeoclimatic and hydrogeological studies. We cooperate with scientists from many disciplines: botanists, ecologists and anthropologists. We collaborate with many research institutions and laboratories which stimulates the progress of our analytical capabilities.