Clay Minerals Laboratory (CML)
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The CML team leads and participates in numerous projects:
  • Revealing geological history based on geochronological data from clay minerals, mostly K-Ar dating of illite-smectite. The CML team leader: Jan Środoń.

  • Dehydroxylation and rehydroxylation of clay minerals. CML leader: Arkadiusz Derkowski.

  • Molecular modeling of smectite-water-ethylene glycol interactions. CML leader: Marek Szczerba.

  • Deciphering the Ediacaran environment from unaltered clastic sedimentary rocks of the East European Craton. CML leader: Jan Środoń.

  • Water-clay interactions. CML team leaders: Arkadiusz Derkowski (experimentals data), Marek Szczerba (molecular modeling).

  • Gas- and oil-shale total and effective porosity; adsorbed versus free gas potential. CML leader: Arkadiusz Derkowski.