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  • Our aim is to explore natural processes happening at the interface of the biosphere and the geosphere, based on novel and classical methods. We apply in fossilio and in silico methods focused on reconstructions of the past and testing research hypotheses based on computer modelling.

  • In our sense, the BIOGEOSYSTEM represents all interactions between associated phenomena at the bio/geo-interface, regardless their time and space ranges. There are processes analysed in nanno-, micro-, macroscale, as well as regional and global scales.

  • Biogeosystem modelling describes interactions between organic and inorganic systems. Final simulations are verified based on observations in real world.

  • The classical methods in fossilio use qualitative and quantitative analyses of microfossils, applied to reconstructing paleoenvironment within selected geological time intervals. Our favourite microfossils include Foraminifera (tests/shells), Dinnoflagellata (cysts) and calcareous nanoplankton analysed in the marine sedimentary context.