1st Polish Geological Congress - Kraków 2008

June, 26 - 28

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Geological Society of Poland is organizing the 1st Polish Geological Congress in Kraków on 26-28 June 2008. The Congress will bring together geoscientists from all over Poland and will cover all disciplines of the geosciences. The Congress will provide a forum to present most recent works and achievements and discuss the new ideas in all fields of geosciences.

The technical programme will be organised in 13 sections:

  1. Geophysics
    Section leader: Prof. Jadwiga Jarzyna ; Phone: 12-617-24-21; mail: jarzyna@uci.agh.edu.pl
  2. Engineering geology and geotechnics
    Thematic session:
    1. Laboratory- and field- investigations of soils and rocks
    2. Contemporary problems in engineering geology and geotechnics investigations
    3. Modelling in engineering geology and geotechnics
    4. Geodynamic processes
    5. Slope stability
    Section leader: Dr. inż. Aleksandra Borecka ; Phone: 12-617-46-40 ; mail:  oborecka@geol.agh.edu.pl
  3. Hydrogeology
    Section leader: Prof. Jacek Motyka ; Phone: 12-617-44-94; mail:  kongres.hydro@gmail.com
  4. Mineral deposits - present problems of exploratory, research and documentative works
  5. Mathematics and informatics in geology
    Thematic session:
    1. Mathematical Geology
    2. Geostatistics and Statistical Methods in Geology
    3. Geomatics, Geoinformatics
    4. GIS, Modern Cartography, Teledetection, Remote sensing, Data storage and retrieval
    Section leader: Dr. hab. Adam Walanus; Phone: 12-617-34-38 ; mail:  walanus@geol.agh.edu.pl
  6. Petrology, mineralogy and geochemistry
    Section leader: Dr. hab. inż. Zbigniew Sawłowicz ; Phone: 12-663-24-97; mail:  zbigniew.sawlowicz@uj.edu.pl
    Coordinators: Dr. Anna Lewandowska (Mineralogy) ; mail:  anna.lewandowska@uj.edu.pl  &
                            Dr. Mariusz Rospondek (Petrography) ; mail:  m.rospondek@uj.edu.pl
  7. Protection and conservation of the geological heritage
    Thematic session:
    1. Geoprotection
    2. Geoconservation
    Section leader: Dr. hab. Małgorzata Gonera ; Phone: 012-632-05-49 ; mail:  gonera@iop.krakow.pl
  8. Quaternary geology
    Thematic session:
    1. Pleistocene climatostratigraphy of Central Europe
    2. Paleogeography of interstadial stages
    3. Litho- and bio-stratigraphy of last cold stage reflected in alluvial, colluvial and loess deposits
    4. Reflection of climatic changes during last 15 000 years in lakes and bogs
    5. Holocene climatostratigraphy and human impact
    6. Rapid climatic changes and extreme events reflected in various facies of conti-nental deposits
    7. Comparison of exactness of various chronostratigraphic methods used in Quater-nary studies
    Section leader: Prof. Leszek.Starkel; Phone: 12 422-40-85 ; mail:  starkel@zg.pan.krakow.pl
  9. Sedimentology
    Section leader: Dr. hab. Stanisław Leszczyński; Phone: 12 - 663-24 91 ; mail:  stan.leszczynski@uj.edu.pl
  10. Palaeontology and stratigraphy
    Thematic session:
    1. General overwiew of the recent palaeontological achievements done by Polish palaeontologists
    2. Progress in stratigraphical methods
    Section leaders: Prof. Adam Gasiński; Phone: 12-663-24-83 ; mail:  adam.gasinski@uj.edu.pl  - (Palaeontology)
         Dr. Elżbieta Porębska ; Phone: 12-663-24-89; mail:  porebska@ing.uj.edu.pl  - (Stratigraphy)
  11. Structural geology and tectonics
    Thematic session:
    1. Recent advances in structural geology
    2. Tectonics of Poland outside the Carpathians
    3. Tectonics of the Carpathians and Carpathian Foredeep
    4. Neotectonics
    Section leader: Prof. Witold Zuchiewicz; Phone: 12-617-47-41 ; mail:  witoldzuchiewicz@geol.agh.edu.pl
  12. Education and popularization of geological sciences
  13. Geotourism (GEOTUR Meeting)
    Section leader: prof. Tadeusz Słomka ; Phone: 12-617-26-03 ; mail:  slomka@geol.agh.edu.pl
    Geotur 2008  >> [Word file]

The language of the congress will be Polish. Presentations in English, may be accepted after arrangement with the leaders of respective sections.

All necessary information can be found under :
  http://www.ing.pan.pl/Kongres_Geologiczny/index_kongr.htm >

We are looking forward to welcome you in Cracow!

On behalf of the Organizing Commitee
Joachim Szulc
mail: szulc@ing.uj.edu.pl


Registration term  -  January 31, 2008
Registration Form should be sent to the leaders of respective sections and to the Congress Office
          Registration Form  >> [Word file]

Congress regular fee is 170 PLN - if paid before February 28th, 2008.
Bank Account:
Polskie Towarzystwo Geologiczne
PKO BP SA I oddział Kraków - 45 1020 2892 0000 5202 0181 6842

Authors are then kindly asked to submit their abstract following the Abstract pattern, to the Congress Office.
         Abstract Pattern >> [ Word file ]
The deadline for the receipt of abstracts is 31st January 2008!

Leaders of respective sections owe to inform you about accommodation, rules of sending abstracts and any other informations. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case that any question may arise!


Biuro I Polskiego Kongresu Geologicznego
AGH-University of Science and Technology
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E-mail: geolog2008@geol.agh.edu.pl
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