1st Polish Geological Congress - Kraków 2008
June, 26 - 28
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Section 4.
Mineral deposits - present problems of exploratory, research and documentative works

This theme branch is co-organized by the Polish Geological Institute in Warsaw. The PGI decided to include the self-organized conference concerning deposits into the program of the 1st Polish Geological Congress, as its integral part.
As this branch of geological sciences is wide range, the team of coordinators was created and the its members are:
dr hab. inż. Jan Bromowicz (WGGIOŚ AGH, phone: 12-617-24-99; mail: bromow@geol.agh.edu.pl - responsible for all branch and stone deposits),
dr Magdalena Pańczyk (PIG, phone: 022- 849 53 51 w. 232, mail: magdalena.panczyk@pgi.gov.pl - the PGI coordinator and responsible for post-conference publications edition),
prof. Wojciech Górecki (WGGIOŚ AGH, phone: 012-617-23-60; mail: wgorecki@uci.agh.edu.pl - responsible for raw materials and renewable energy sessions)
prof. Adam Piestrzyński (WGGIOŚ AGH, phone: 12-617-24-33; mail: piestrz@geol.agh.edu.pl - responsible for ore geology session).
A few thematic sessions will be organized as a part of this branch:
  1. Energy minerals - deposits of hydrocarbons
  2. Energy minerals - coal and peat deposits
  3. Renewable Energy Sources
  4. Non-metallic minerals
  5. Metallic minerals
  6. Common minerals

Each presentation should not exceed 20 minutes (15 minutes for a talk and 5 minutes for discussion). Poster sessions are also anticipated. Scientific papers, the outcome of the conference, will be published (after review) in the "Biuletyn Państwowego Instytutu Geologicznego" (Bulletin of Polish geological Institut).
Guidelines for authors will be placed on the PGI website concerning the Deposit Conference.
  < www.pgi.gov.pl/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1589&Itemid=2 >

ATTENTION! The deadline for abstracts relevant to this volume is 25 of January 2008.

Application for scientific abstracts for PGI Bulletin should be send via e-mail to:   zloza.kopalin@pgi.gov.pl

Registration form, questions and remarks please send to appropriate co-ordinators.
Please, send the registration form via e-mail also to the Congress Office:
with the section number marked : 4.

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