CIMP 2010 General Meeting in Poland
Warsaw-Kielce, September 13-16, 2010

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Dear Palynologists,

CIMP 2010 General Meeting in Warsaw has proceeded for history... More than forty people from 19 countries took part in our conference. During three days of scientific sessions 25 talks concerning Precambrian palynology, Lower and Upper Palaeozoic palynology, taxonomy and palynological data analysis were presented, as well as 14 posters showing different aspects of Palaeozoic palynology. Because for many of participants the CIMP 2010 in Warsaw was the first occasion to visit our country, we have tried to present our guests also the cuisine and touristic attractions of Poland. Thanks God, also the weather was quite good, especially during the post-conference field trip in the Holy Cross Mountains.
We hope that stay in Poland was fruitful and nice for CIMP 2010 participants. Please, forgive us for any inconvenience and possible errors in the CIMP 2010 organisation. We tried to do our best, maybe next time everything will be perfect:-)
Please, send us your photos from Warsaw meeting and the Holy Cross Mountains field trip. We'll put the best photos on CIMP 2010 website soon. Now you can find on our website the pdf files of the Abstract Book and the field trip Guidebook. Also scientific program and list of participants are available.

With best regards,
the Organizers

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