The strategy of development is aimed at better understanding of geosystem to help society in resolving basic problems related to potential consequences of global changes and to technological innovations. The key idea of the ATLAB project is to enhance significantly the research potential of the ATLAB Centre by upgrading the laboratories, hiring new specialists, and strengthening the know-how exchange for the development of advanced and innovative research on terrestrial geosystems. The priority research fields of the ATLAB Centre as well as its overall development strategy are clearly defined in the project and particularly aimed at enlarging our knowledge of the surrounding environment, serving society and contributing to technological innovation. The ATLAB project will help to secure development policy of the ATLAB Centre directed on the collaboration with external partners for lasting mutual benefits on the knowledge transfer and competitive future in cutting-edge scientific activities. The project will help to achieve sustainable development of the ATLAB Centre research quality, competitiveness and atractiveness.
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Projekt finansowany w ramach 7. Programu Ramowego
Program: REGPOT-2011-1 EU FP7