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Uranium-Series Laboratory
Uranium-Series Laboratory (LUT)
Head:    Dr. hab. Michał G±siorowski
           Instytut Nauk Geologicznych PAN
           O¶rodek Badawczy w Warszawie  
           ( Institute of Geological Sciences P.A.S., Research Centre in Warszawa )
           Twarda 51/55, 00-818 Warszawa
Phone: (48) 22 6978-742
e-mail: mgasior@twarda.pan.pl

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Research fields
  1. Paleoenvironmental reconstructions based on speleothem records
  2. Data analyses
  3. Numerical modeling
  4. Radiometric dating deveopment
  5. Isotopic signatures in study of natural processes
  6. Isotopic fractionation studies

Team composition:
  1. Dr. hab. Michał G±siorowski, Associate Professor
  2. Dr. hab. Helena Hercman, Associate Professor
  3. MSc. Anna Mulczyk, Technician Expert
  4. Dr. Jacek Pawlak, Adjunct
  5. MSc. Marcin Błaszczyk, Assistant

  1. Alpha spectrometry
  2. Beta spectrometry
  3. Gamma spectrometry
  4. Elemental analysis
  5. Radiochemistry


  1. MOD-AGE
  2. GenCorr
  3. Stronter
  4. IzoCalc

Ongoing projects

Selected publications

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